View Full Version : Accepted User profile language option "not selected"

18-08-11, 10:03
For users who don't want to have any flag associated to his profile, option to get language configuration back to "not selected" after some posible user testing language selection.

Currently this "unselection" is not posible.

18-08-11, 13:38
As an alternative, is there an option to avoid flag visualization on profiles without modificating templates ??

18-08-11, 14:50
Yes it is not possible and truly we do not want to support it.

Mostly forum owners want it so stay (that is why such functionalities exists at all - we was asked to made it).

How about that - it will be possible but only for administrator? As I wrote mostly forums want to FORCE users to set it not allow to unset it. Would it be OK for you?

19-08-11, 13:47
I understand conexion with forcing users to choose language in the functionality.

But given that bilingual option is not present in current product, we'd temporally have to deal with users not wanting to show a explicit flag in his profile.
I know it is a litle politic issue but would be important in our region.

21-08-11, 14:49
Thanks for info. Can you answer the question? Does proposed solution will be OK for you?

21-08-11, 22:30
No, it doesn't.

22-08-11, 12:46
So how you would like it exactly working?

Everyone allowed to unselect his default language. Admin also can do it for users.
If we will allow users to unselect default language, this will be available after turning on special option for this - as I wrote before many forums want the exact opposite of your request (so want to force users to set it not allow to unset it).

Is this solution is OK for you? If not please give some more info than just disagree ;) It will help us to determine your needs faster.

22-08-11, 12:59
Allowing other forum's preferences at the same time:
AdminCP option: Allow users to set language as "not selected" ?

As it is very connected with the force-users-to visit profile language selection, you can also associate with that option:

-Force users to set language (adminCP) ? Yes => "Not selected" option not available
-Force users to set language (adminCP) ? No => "Not selected" option available

22-08-11, 13:06
OK so we will add new configuration option, so users will be available to unselect their default language. We will think about describing it appropriately so administration will know that there is no sense to force setting it and allow to unselect it in same time.

Perhaps it will be even easier to put it as new value in forcing instead of creating new parameter itself. This would be easiest for administration to configure.

So we will do it by new parameter or new value in existing parameter. Either way it will be done. My own preference is actually 2nd way - easiest to maintain because it automatically do not allow for wrong configurations.

23-08-11, 23:56
I agree maybe second way is best and straight.

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