View Full Version : Accepted Language wrapping or bbcodes modification staff facilities

18-08-11, 10:00
We'd appreciate a simple way to alter user mistaked, wrong post language assignation or post published before product installation for forum staff.

An editor button, choice control or inline moderation command. Anything but DB direct manipulation.

18-08-11, 13:25
If you are using auto detection, then you have strategy to trust Google only if it is trust worthy. It means only when Google is sure enough about the language. If Google is not sure enough then you can get email message about unclear situation. This is already implemented - just please check language detection options.

Such situations are not often so at this moment if it happens from time to time, then just like for any other broken message for any reason it is administrative task to correct it. In vBET case this correction means manual adding of lang BBCode.

In case when you have lot of old posts in other language it would be really good to have some automatic way to do this. This is also not common case, but we can create some simple tool which will do it for you. Please specify how it suppose to work - is it OK for you if it will opaque all messages from specified sub-forum in predefined language. Or it requires to auto detect for old messages too? Please note that 1st case is much simpler and if it is enough then tell us.

18-08-11, 13:31
I'd need a script that would query google and add language bbcodes for every non spanish post found published before one given date.

What do you mean by opaque??

18-08-11, 14:52
Sorry - I used wrong word - I mean wrap. Yes we can do such tool. Still it will be experimental so it will be wise to backup your database before running it. Feature accepted.

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