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18-08-11, 09:54
I'd appreciate an option to filter all internal links posted by users in the forum, so any language info in url could be trimmed.
That would improve the url tracking configuration, as viewing language selection wouldn't be altered while navigating through internal links in forum.

Currently in my forum navigating with url tracking is impredictible, as clicking any internal link causes language configuration being altered.
Navigating without it is not functional anyway, as you always come to implicit laguage of forum in every page.

18-08-11, 12:38
You can filter links which you want to be not translated at all. But it has not sense for whole forum. I do not clearly understand what do you mean. Do you mean link included in post written by user? So If I add here link in this post it will not be active for translation tracking - right?
I do not see how it improves URL tracking. Right now all forum links are tracked. If someone is on Polish translation he would like to go to Polish site after clicking link included in post and that is how it works right now. Why begin on Polish translation and going English version after clicking link would be any improvement here? It would force user to click Polish flag again and again after each page change...

Please explain what do you mean by unpredictable URL navigation? It should be predictable - if you think you have any wrong functionality please open new bug report for this issue. Clicking in link should go to the page in same language as you was watching right now. You can force redirections to user language by vBET options if you want, but by default vBET will not do any language redirection - just will keep actually viewed language during page skipping.

Shortly: I do not understand clearly request and its purpose. Please describe more.

18-08-11, 13:10
My user has no language selected in profile
My forum default language is spanish
My forum has url tracking activated

If I click an internal link posted by some catalan language user:

My user changes viewing mode to catalan. I mean I can't keep my viewing mode of spanish default language.

I mean filtering user published internal links to http://www.sexomercadobcn.com/follar-catala-t166.html#post1035 would avoid this problem.

18-08-11, 13:19
I can't undestand this (adminCP):

Redirect to user language
If this option is set then user will be redirected to page translated according to his browser language settings. Redirection will happen only at the beginning of new session (client must have cookies enabled or will be redirected each time). You can choose to force redirection or to ask user does he wants to be redirected.

User can select:
1) a flag in navbar (flags menu, selection stored in cookie I supose)
2) a language in his user profile selector (stored in DB user table)

But you describe that you redirect to browser language settings (is this an error¿?).

Browser setting is the same as the navbar menu??

Are this 3 the only ways your product looks for user language preferences ??

21-08-11, 15:32
I cannot see the thread - it is allowed only for logger users. As I understand the link in post already includes language code. Please note that translation tracking works only for links which are not already internationalized. So if link already includes language code, then translation tracking will not add another one (it has no sense).

At this moment if you do not want it, then you must edit post manually and remove language parameter/code from URL. Then everybody will fallow the link in his actual viewing language.

As I understand you would like to have language code automatically removed from URL included in new post. Is it right?

About forcing redirect. Please keep one thread per one issue. We will lost otherwise. This thread is about URL tracking. Please open new thread for new issue.

21-08-11, 22:34
As I understand you would like to have language code automatically removed from URL included in new post. Is it right?

Yes, that's it.
At least an adminCP option to get it active.

22-08-11, 12:39
OK - accepted. It should be included in next vBET4.x release :)

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