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16-08-11, 23:46
Some of my meta titles are getting messed up, they are back to front.

This only happens on some pages, here is an example.

Bad- Virüs, Spyware ve Güvenlik - Bilgisayar Suyu Iexplore.exe Virus Lütfen Beni çıkarın Yardım (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/tr/f49/iexplore-exe-virus-please-help-me-remove-22368/)

Good- Nid yardım! ~ Ben bu adware / virüs kaldırmak olamaz! - Virüs, Spyware ve Güvenlik - Bilgisayar Suyu (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/tr/f49/nid-help-i-cant-remove-adware-virus-13100/)

The threads should read - Thread name - Forum/Category name - Board/forum name

But on the bad example it is - Forum/Category name - Board/forum name - Thread name.

16-08-11, 23:51
ignore ignore

16-08-11, 23:52
ignore ignore

16-08-11, 23:53
another messed up title;

Lütfen Yardım - Virüs, Spyware ve Güvenlik - - Giriş Hijack Analiz Bilgisayar Suyu (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/tr/f49/help-please-how-analyze-my-hijack-log-25906/)

It should read;

Lütfen Yardım - Benim Hijack Giriş nasıl analiz - Virüs, Spyware ve Güvenlik - Bilgisayar Suyu

note this happens on many languages.


17-08-11, 07:53
What do you mean by meta titles?
You do not have meta titles. You are using meta for:
- Content-Type
- generator
- keywords
- description

So please specify what exactly do you mean by meta title? Is it title tag? Or something else?...

17-08-11, 10:34
When I say meta titles, i mean meta titles, yes, the title tag, as i clearly showed in my posts, the pages titles!

<title>in here</title>

17-08-11, 10:49
We didn't understand before, because meta means <meta> html tag. And meta have different contexts - just as I show you which meta you are really using on your forum. You are not using meta with title context. Title and meta tags are different things.

About the issue - there is no any issue - everything is OK. It is as it suppose to be - it is as Google translates it:
Tłumacz Google (http://translate.google.pl/#auto|tr|Help%20Please%20-%20How%20to%20Analyze%20My%20Hijack%20Log%20-%20Virus%2C%20Spyware%20and%20Security%20-%20Computer%20Juice)

17-08-11, 11:22
Any idea why some pages do it and others do not?


17-08-11, 11:58
Each page has different title, so Google translates it differently. Just it. It is automatic translation and we do not know how Google algorisms are working. So simple and only explanation is - it is because those are different translations.

Please note that we are planning to add in vBET possibility to set your own translation. It is not scheduled yet, but it is on our TODO list. So when it will be available people with appropriate rights will be able to set own better translation in chosen place.

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