View Full Version : Solved User profile language assignation can not be undone

11-08-11, 22:13
I'd need the posibility to let user's language be set as "not selected", even if they have once chosen a language.

We leave on a bilingual region and forcing that selection is not smart treatment to users.
Currently I'm deselecting complaining users directly through SQL. It woulb be best to be factible though adminCP user profile.

13-08-11, 02:27
Please note that you do not have to force anyone to set his default language. This is configurable and by default vBET is NOT forcing. You can set forcing strategy in Admin CP -> vBET -> Misc -> Redirect to edit profile.

About unsetting the language - vBET do not support unsetting at this moment. It was designed to give possibility to choose own default language and once chosen to not be able to un-choose (anyone has his own language...). So at this moment easiest way is really unsetting it by SQL (+remove language role in Admin CP). If you do not want to have the issue in future then you can disable plugins which gave possibility to set user default language. Those plugins are:
- Handle default language in registration form
- Handle default language in profile form
Also can be required to disable those:
- Set appropriate Default Language Group
- Add default language to user data
- Handle default language during update profile
- Handle default language during registration

Please note that it was not tested - after change please test are you able to create new account on your forum and are you able to edit your profile.
Also please note that by default those plugins are turned on, so after vBET update it will be required to turn it off again. We can ask vBulletin team how it will behave if there will be no active attribute value in xml product file, so maybe it will be not needed to turn it off after each update (we didn't had such need before).

Please tell do you need more support with this issue :)

15-08-11, 11:23
I'll disable this hook:
"Handle default language in profile form"
and in conjuction with google autodetection configuration I'll simplify user choice as much as posible.

Thanks for support.

15-08-11, 20:44
Great. In case of any additional questions please just ask - we are here to help you :)

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