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14-12-09, 22:33
when i use all languages it will may affect the performance of my site with more requist of 52 images , each image for each language

i read somthing before how to use 1 image that contain all icaons or flags images but i forget where
it is like what yahoo.com using in its left side that show alot of links to its services but using one image for all icons that they show

15-12-09, 02:05
Thanks for your note. At this moment we see lot of issues with this approach. If we made only one image then it will be not possible to select which flags you want to have active.

Also having 52 small images do not affect your performance as much as you can imagine. 1st browsers cache images, so those are not downloaded each time. 2nd those are static content so it does not use much server resources only uses your bandwidth.

We are open for ideas. If you have idea how to solve one image issue and still allow to choose which languages forum wants to support we will look at this closer. At this moment such approach will degenerate actual vBET functionalities.

15-12-09, 19:51
yes it will not affect the click for each language except we need another image to show ehen the right to left lnaguage it show the flag
so we need 2 images
one for left to right and the another to right to left

i will look for article explain how to use it

15-12-09, 23:37
There is more issues - some layouts do not have enough place and have to wrap images. This will not be possible if only one image will be generated.

11-06-10, 01:23
Done. Will be included in next release :) Solution:

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