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05-08-11, 16:34
I am experiencing an editor issue on my vbcms page. Now this only happens for admins. Whenever viewing an article the editor is missing. When viewing this article as a normal member the editor is showing fine. I have determined that this is actually a vBSEO issue, but unfortunately due to vBSEO's policy about vBET I cannot get any support. So I hope you will be able to assist me. Thanks.

06-08-11, 00:56
If this is vbseo issue please go to vbseo team for support. Please check does their such named "policy" is OK according to their license if you want. If it is and they have right to refuse support for forums having any other mods (really silly) then please do what is needed to get their support. You can temporarily disable your mods, backup your edited vbseo files and upload original one. Then they will have no excuse to refuse you support. We cannot be responsible for other products nor other products support teams... Especially when those teams uses lies against our own product and practices which I really hope are not legal.

We are not able to support vbseo code - we simply do not know it – it is not our product.

Do you need any help related to vBET here?

08-08-11, 15:10
You can delete this Michal. Sorry. I managed to get this fixed by myself. It had nothing to do with vBET.

09-08-11, 17:31
Great :) Thanks for info!

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