View Full Version : Rejected using geolocation or ip2location and other suggestions

13-12-09, 23:39
i have fire fox in arabic so when i visit your site it will redirect me to arabic lang >>this is ok
but i also using ie in english version and it will use your site in english version
is there away to add abilit to make additional factor to this by using geololcation or ip2location that will also increase the best default lang choice for vistor that first time visit main site

another thing :
i requist to highlite the image of the used language in translated page

also which is important for me :
when user choose the default original language of the site
he should get by the default when use the the site without any translation and he want to reply or add thread: the language option is by default for him : Do not add language BBCodes

13-12-09, 23:45
also :
quick reply in group disscussion i see it , is not support

and there are some bugs i wrote about it :

15-12-09, 02:20
Thanks for your opinions and suggestions. Please keep each suggestion/bug report in separate thread - it will make managing those much easier. And also there is no need to point on other your threads - we see those and we read each post in this forum :)

About your suggestions:
- geological location: as you already noted we are using browser settings and we thing those fit better, since people can be out of home and if you are going for 2 weeks to other country it doesn't means that you automatically know theirs language ;) Also it would affects not only performance, but also we consider how it could affect robots indexing your page. As we know robots do not use language cookies, but have IP's which points to some direction. Are you sure you want robot being redirected?
- highlight images: added in TODO list :)
- default language same as forum language: in such case options to add BBCode are nod displayed at all (it does not have sense since his language is same ad forum language) - so I do not understand the issue. Could you describe it more?
- quick reply for group discussion: added in TODO list. I think it should be already supported, but there can be some bug or we miss someplace in group discussion. Will be OK in 3.3.0.

24-12-09, 09:45
Active flag highlight done - will be included in 3.3.0

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