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12-12-09, 21:45
i requist these tow features

first :
when i see the flag of the page to translate , its url still not linked with translated url so after the click the page url will be redirect to translated url

is there away to make this translated url already for each language by using ajax or just use 1 more query to make it linked with url in its language

second :
translate text by ajax in controlpanel so the user can use it to translate text as new service like :
Google Translate (http://translate.google.com/)
but only for text and ducuments like words microsoft files and text files and any supported files

if you also give the user ability to first upload files and then ask to translate then it will give the result it will be major addition
by the way i have custom upload service and store files for my users
it has this features:
1. every user can upload any file that has permissions in admin control panel
2.depend on usergroup : how much can the user host , and how many files
3. no one can see others files except the user give permission for user/visitor by sending e-mail with code that the another user should write it to downolad the file , and this code used once only
4.it use filesystem also with ability to be above public_html to be more secure
some other features
this system work but with little bugs , it was work perfectly in 3.7

if you use this system to enable for translate support document by google
so user will has option to translate those by using google translate service
just by one click

it will be great addition also and i can make this product - that i used for my site and i have all rights because it is custom work with this feature to be only for me "codes and work" - for your work and site and u can use it to add more features and sell it i will give you the permissions without doubt
if you frefer to discuss it private with me i appreciate that

thank you

13-12-09, 19:12

Thanks for your requests. About those:

1. This is done by performance reasons. If someone is looking on page in his language it is very rare to change languages. And redirection is made with 301 so robots are happy with those. Also in 3.3.0 (not released yet) we already split cache tables per language, so it would be many queries or additional table cache table for titles only will be needed. We will consider this idea. Not promise, but after we made what is needed for 3.3.0 and test it we can check how impact for performance it will have. Also please note that redirections happens all the time even in vBulletin without any mods - see what happens when go to new post.

2. Google TOS not allows to store translations for more that 15 days, so such files will have to be deleted after 2 weeks. I'm not sure that it is desired behavior, but we will always made our best to fit Google TOS as much as possible.

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