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10-07-11, 01:28
There is an issue between vBET and vBMail (http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/vbecommerce.php?do=purchase&act=product&id=107) from DragonByteTech.

You can see my thread about this problem here:

[vB 4.1.x] Usergroups by vBET. (http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/threads/4174-Usergroups-by-vBET.)

How can I add vBET's usergroups to the this mod? Or can I just remove vBET's usergroups completely?


EDIT: Sorry, I am not sure if you will be able to see that thread. The problem is that this mod (vBMail) pulls the usergroups from the official usergroup cache array, and apparently vBET does not. So now vBET's additional usergroups are not added to this mod for configuration, and then I cannot set up mailing lists properly.

11-07-11, 02:18
I really need some help here please.

11-07-11, 02:38

I was able to see their thread (but not included images). Please note that all usergroups are stored as they suppose to in vBulletin tables. As I understand you do not see those in vBMail - this is their bug. They suppose to take all existing groups. Instead they limit shown groups to some subset of existing usergroups (subset included in cache). They just have to change it and show all existing usergroups. It is not true that they cannot do anything - they can just take all existing usergroups ;)

vBET here is clean - we do not change anything in vBulletin architecture - vBET usergroups are stored just same way as all other usergroups. Anyone can take it, if just ask about all existing usergroups. Any changes in vBET will not solve their problem, because in case when you will have other new usergroups not stored in cache then your issue will came back. They have to change the way of taking usergroups. Especially that as I imagine taking only groups from cache have no visible impact on performance at all.

You can contact us with authors of the mod if you think it will help and they want to discuss the issue.

Do you still need our help here? :)

11-07-11, 12:28
The issue here was the fact that inside the usergroup settings from vBET the 'This Usergroup is not a 'Banned' Group ' was set to 'No' thus assuming it is a banned usergroup. Therefore these usergroups were not included in the vBMail mailinglists.

I am not sure why you would set all these usergroups as banned?? (By changing this setting to 'Yes' it works perfectly.)

11-07-11, 12:49
Great - so it is vBET bug! We didn't pay attention for such column. I will check it right now. Say thanks from us to author of the mod :)

11-07-11, 14:05
Solved and will be included in next release.

For quick fix please:
1. Open any MySQL client and login to your vBulletin database
2. Execute query (add table prefix if you use it):

UPDATE usergroup SET genericoptions=32 WHERE description LIKE 'vbet_%'
3. Go to Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager
4. Click Go to edit some usergroup (no matter which one)
5. Click Update without any changes.

Please note that 3 last steps are to trigger vBulletin cache refresh (rebuild ranks, permissions and so on). You can see it working going to Admin CP -> Users -> View Banned Users. Before changes you will see there all vBET usergroups. After changes vBET usergroups will disappear from the view.

11-07-11, 14:14
1. Open any MySQL client and login to your vBulletin database

Can I not run this from within my ACP?

Maintenance>Execute SQL Query

11-07-11, 18:31
Can I not run this from within my ACP?

Maintenance>Execute SQL Query

I see no problem - any MySQL client is enought.

11-07-11, 18:41
OK thanks. Just one question please.

In that query, where would I add my prefix? Which is vb


11-07-11, 18:47
In front of table name so: vb.usergroup

13-07-11, 05:09
Thanks Michal. It worked.

13-07-11, 13:43
Great :) Enjoy vBET!

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