View Full Version : Solved Visitor messages, usernames translated.

08-07-11, 17:29
I just saw that in visitor messages, usernames are translated. See attached screenshots.

Please advise on how to fix this. Thanks.

Default language:


Other language:


09-07-11, 21:51
Please PM me URL to this page with access details to FTP and Admin CP, and I will solve it.

11-07-11, 02:19
All details was sent in PM.

11-07-11, 12:09
Solved and will be included in next release.

For quick fix:
1. Go to Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager and click Add new Plugin
2. Set values:
- Product: vB Enterprise Translator
- Hook location: visitor_messagebit_display_complete
- Title: Don't translate usernames in visitor messages
- Execution order: 5
- Plugin PHP code:

global $vbulletin;
if ($_REQUEST['language'] && $vbulletin->options['vbenterprisetranslator_donttranslateusernames']) {
$message['musername'] = '<!--vBET_SNTA-->' . $message['musername'] .'<!--vBET_ENTA-->';
$message['username'] = '<!--vBET_SNTA-->' . $message['username'] .'<!--vBET_ENTA-->';
- Plugin is Active: Yes

Taurus I already set it on your forum - please confirm solution is working.

11-07-11, 12:12
Yep. I confirm that it works on CreativX. Thanks Michal. I will do the fix for my other forum.

11-07-11, 12:19
Great :) Enjoy vBET :)

11-07-11, 12:22
Just one small thing, I just noticed. At the bottom of the sidebar in a profile page, there is a block stating 'Last Visitors' to your profile. I see in there the usernames are still translated. Sorry for the hassle!

16-07-11, 16:01
This might seem like a small issue in anyone's eyes, but I would like everything to work 100%. So can you please look into my last post's request. Thanks.

18-07-11, 12:23
Sorry - I miss it. You already confirmed it is solved so I had to miss it because of the status. Please open new thread for it - new issue new thread :) This way we know what we are managing, ant this is really helpful in case when quick fixes are included, of bugs are coming back, or someone is looking for similar issue and so on.

So sorry for trouble - just please copy your post to new thread and we will take care about it :)

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