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06-07-11, 02:59
I just saw that when a member using a language other than default, and he quotes someone, then the quote is not translated.

See this post:

Windows 7 Themes: Ultra Dark by tono3022 (http://creativx.net/forums/windows-7-themes-dark-other-designers/59152-windows-7-themes-ultra-dark-tono3022.html#post348451)

Please advise. Thanks.

06-07-11, 21:30
Yes -quote is not translated and it is corrected. This is because you can write in French and quote someone who is writing in Polish - his text cannot be treated as French and send with rest of your post to translation. So quote is ignored inside of lang bbcode, and quoted text should have it's own lang bbcode. And that was the issue on your example - quoted text should be inside of its own lang bbcode but it was not.

I already corrected it on your forum - when you compare it with version before editing you will see the difference :)

Do you need any more help here? :)

07-07-11, 03:07
OK great, thanks. So you corrected it on CreativX right? How can I correct it on my other forum?

07-07-11, 17:09
I just edited the message. The issue was that quoted text suppose be in its own lang bbcode, but it wasn't. There is nothing to fix. If such thing happens (because Google will not recognize language appropriately) and there is no appropriate lang bbcode, then it have to be added manually. That's it.

Do you have more such messages?

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