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11-12-09, 05:51

Just want to say this is an amazing add on and look forward to versions ahead for vb4!

Everything runs perfectly, just one issue... and an odd one..

So, everything in this example happens without even clicking on the flag and is I am not using vbseo. Link type is REQUEST_URI. Url tracking=no.

whenever someone creates a blog post via vb Blog.... its fine but if I or the user deletes/soft deletes an entry. I get redirected to: domain.com/blog.php?u=2&language=yi

So everything ends up then in yiddish... i'm not sure why the &language=yi is being tacked on to the end like that...if i disable 'yi' it just picks another.

Any help would be appreciated.


11-12-09, 23:27
OK - I will move this to bugs reports. Please PM me details with forum URL.

06-01-10, 23:42
This is the exact blog problem our moderator had!

22-01-10, 01:54
We were not able to reproduce the issue. But there were changes in redirection in vBET 3.3.0 - does this issue still exists in 3.3.0?

03-05-10, 21:29
No info about existing bug in new version. Assumed that it is resolved. Please note if not - we will reopen the issue.

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