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30-06-11, 13:11
Hi all,

I would like to know wether it´s possible to do the following with vBET.
Let´s assume, I have a forum in danish language. I don´t want to install vBET on this original danish forum because I don´t want to mix the forum - it´s targeted primarly for danish users and I want to keep it that way. Even more, because it´s still unclear wether search engines will identify automatic translated pages - even pulled from a local database on a webserver - and it´s unpredictable how those sites will be punished by search engines.

To avoid that the original domain becomes punished in total I have tried to figure out, wether vBET could support rewriting the URLs from domain.com/[languagecode] to a subdomain format like [languagecode].domain.com . vBET responded this can not be done with vBET and so it is fully unsupported.

The content of our forums are interesting even for international visitors and so I wanted to install the whole forums and database to another domain, totally seperated from the original one, and install vBET there. So far no problem on the technical side. But: doing this would let search engines identify the "new" forum entirly as duplicate content.

The question now is: can it be done, that vBET only shows translated content and not the original (danish) content? So SE only see unique sites and don´t rate them as duplicate content.


30-06-11, 14:33
vBET do not support language sub-domains, just language code included in URL like /pl/

We didn't test vBET to not show original language, but I think it can be done by .htaccess - if someone will go to page without language code then redirect him to some language. If not this way then it can be still done in one hooks (init_startup should be good for this) - just one additional condition and redirect inside.

So what you want to do should be possible. Other issue is - how you will keep your copy forum synchronized with real one. You will have to periodically copy some of your database tables. You cannot simply copy whole, because then you will loose your vBET configuration if vBET is not on original one. Please keep in mind that vBulletin keeps mods configurations in database.

Thread moved from pre-sales questions, because you already have 2 licenses, so it is not pre-sale question ;)

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