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28-06-11, 14:43
As the first mölike I say I vbet für a brilliant product think this is worth every penny it costs

the Sitemap url is correct url´s like this:


or just the URL´s like this:


I ask because the für me a key selling point. Because URLS like This:

in a sitemap are nonsense because they are using a 301 redirect to
be forwarded in the sitemaps mühave the correct URL´s not the wrong.

Also, I wanted to ask whether, in the Sitemaps also the forums URL´s to be rewritten, I only use the forums URL´s not the Thread URL´s in the sitemap

many thanks to für the help

ps why is it that when you submit a post to which it is forbidden links to other sites to post if I have not done? I have only to the left of this page posted

28-06-11, 14:53

At this moment when you integrate vBET with sitemap generator you sill have not translated links in sitemap. vBET translates links in your forum, so Google and other spiders will find and will index your translated pages.

Please note that we already have planned solution to support generation of sitemap with already translated links (please see here for details: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-integration-other-plugins/415-sitemap-generator-integration-6.html#post8978). We do not have release date for this yet. First we will add other translation engines support for vBET3.x (now it is only in vBET4.x) and after that we will implement other features - including support for translated links for sitemap generator. Please keep in mind that integration with sitemap generator is not necessary at all - this is only help for Google which will probably make your pages indexed faster, still those will be indexed anyway thanks to Google robots.

If you have any future questions please just ask :)

28-06-11, 15:05
wow quick response, thank you. Ok it's good that it is planned to integrate translated URLs for the sitemap. Google pursues unfortunately only a certain number of URL's that have a 301 redirect so this feature would be very useful and important. I have at my forum without this feature approximately 26 million 301 redirects that Google would have punished me, I read through here: vbet4-integration-other-plugins/415-sitemap-generator-integration.html it is also planned that the FORUMS url's are inserted in the sitemap? Until now, only the thread's URL to be inserted. I have 1200 Forum threads and 500,000 are therefore only the forums in my Sitemap's URL so it would be important for me that's the forum url in the sitemap are. Is that possible? Last question. Is it possible default by an entire forum in one language into another language? Example. I have a German forum and that this will always be displayed and for each in English, this is possible? Because I could make copies of a forum on their own domains in different languages

28-06-11, 15:16
At this moment sitemap integration procedure do not include adding forum links for translated pages. Of course it is possible - just we didn't have question about it before so we didn't care before.

I do not understand your question about forum language. vBET assumes that your forum have one language and translates it to other languages completely. When your forum is in German, then after clicking English flag whole forum is translated to English - just as you can see on our forum. You do not have to do any copy of forum. Also such copy would be for you very expensive - for each copy you would require separate license for vBulletin, vBSEO and vBET. Also your content in each copy will change independent. I see no sense at all for this. So - no coping. vBET handles everything :)

Any more questions :)

28-06-11, 15:26
ok, because of the question ;=)

So suppose I have a German Forum (URL
deutsch.de) and will also English User can read this.
Then I install VBET and I've been under the URL
deutsch.de the German version and
deutsch.de/en the English Version. this is ok if I want the German and English User together with a Forum to share.
But if I want the German and English User a private Forum, then it would be better if I make a copy of the forum
Then I have 2 German forums.
one on the domain
deutsch.de for German and one user on the domain
englisch.com for English Users. So the English User the old German contributions to be able to read the Forum should be under englisch.com of course, by default it will be in English.

Thus, I have 2 Independent standalone forums that each in its own language and its own Domain.

I have my idea understand?

The advantage is.
Google indexed not 10.000.000 pages of a Domain .
But google indexed 10.000.000 pages of 50 Domains ;)

28-06-11, 15:51
In that case you do not need vBET at all... You just cerate 50 one language forums. So what for translations? Please keep in mind that this will be very expensive for you - 50 licenses to vBulletin and maybe other paid plugins. Also 50 boards will consume much more resources (CPU, memory).

Also in your case you have 50 independent boards - you create 50 different communities. With vBET you have advantage of already existing community to integrate with people using other languages... vBET is good idea :)

28-06-11, 16:36
unfortunately, it is not so easy.
I have a German Forum that has 1.5 million posts. These posts should of course also be available in all languages.
So to speak, as a base basis.
I know that I have 50 new forums can only that makes no sense.
Why should I have 50 Empty new forums when I get 1.5 million Postings as Content?
Just in only one language ;)
This Content provides an Economic factor for the one with Translation into different languages multiply.
Only works 100x better to separate Domains on which the Translated forums then independently to Develop further.

The cost is first of secondary importance. The German Forum has less of the server costs 100-200**** Merit.
If an English copy is also only 10% of them Would achieve would still be profitable. It will fall in the new forums no server in the Available servers are underutilized have enough reserves. It would be only the license fees.
Also, I do not want to 50 forums at once but always one after the other ;)

but I think I have found a solution.
in htaccess

#RewriteRule ^([^/]*)$ http://www.englisch.com/en/$1 [R=301,L]

Should actually work.

But back to the topic
OK I will try to find someone, of the forums URLs in the Sitemap can integrate.
After that, I'll VBET buy.
Many thanks for the help ;)

and thank you for this great program

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