View Full Version : Solved Trouble with aditional usergroups configuration in my site

23-06-11, 14:00
After a minor testing in our testing mirror domain, we installed at once vbSEO & VBET products in production site.

We had an issue relating character "[" on urls. It becomed something like #20: (character's html code) and some links stopped working. As we didn't activate url translation of vBet, we think it is most probably due to vBSEO handling.

(anyone has experienced this anyway?)

But on the other hand he have just experienced trouble with the aditional usergroups configuration. Great amount of users have got their aditional usergroup disabled.

I can not assure it is due to VBET but we haven't manipulated any other config this time.

New usergroup insertion of product could have affected this?

How can I reindex usergroups configuration in case our database contain errors ??

24-06-11, 18:58
Please give me an url to the site with this url trouble, i will check it.

Are you sure that you configured vBET with vBSEO good? can you check all configurations steps once again?

about usergroups - vBET have his own usergroups - language groups. vBET have nothing to do with vB or another groups. can you describe better what i should do to chek it on my test forum?

28-06-11, 16:45
I just get back from holiday - do you still need assistance here? :)

30-06-11, 22:25
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We have a mirror for testing at
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Many aditional usergroups have become deactivated to users.
id 15, 20, 28

group id have decreased from 600 to 570 users belonging.

I'm sending admin user by MP.

01-07-11, 01:21
We had similar issue with vBET4.x version and we found solution for it. If it is the same issue then it will solve also your problem. Please see here and fallow quick fix. Wait some time and see does issue still exist - please confirm did it help :)

Quick fix here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/1863-after-upgrade-rankbadges-gets-taken-away-2.html#post9012

This will be included in next release.

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