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13-06-11, 00:21
I just want to know whether vBET is working fine with the new ckeditor in vb 4.1.4?


13-06-11, 00:45
ckeditor? Is it some plugin or functionality in vBET 4.1.4?

13-06-11, 00:50
It is completely new editor.


13-06-11, 00:53
Cannot confirm at this moment. Maybe some of our users confirm. We will check it and confirm this week.

13-06-11, 04:32
I can confirm that in vBulettin 4.1.4 vBET adds language option (for users with default language other than forum language) to fallowing editors:
- Thread quick reply
- Thread full reply
- New Thread
- Quick User Visitor Message
- Detailed User Visitor Message
- Private Message
- Quick Reply to Private Message
- Advanced Reply to Private Message
- New Group discussion
- Quick Group Discussion Reply
- Advanced Group Discussion Reply
- Quick Group Picture Comment
- Advanced Group Picture Comment
- Quick Album Picture Comment
- Advanced Album Picture Comment
- New Blog Post
- Quick Blog Comment
- Advanced Blog Comment
- CMS Article Comment (do not opaque)
- CMS Article (do not opaque)
If I miss something please let me know and I will check it.

Please note that some have displayed opaque options, but do not opaque in lang bbcode. As I remember it was indented to not opaque for CMS Articles (this articles are not written by anyone, still it should opaque or not display option for opaque), but comment should be. We will check this.

Also change between quick answer to detailed is OK. Message preview also works well. Those 2 was tested on thread editors.

Also found one vBulletin error for blog: Login Required - vBulletin JIRA (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBIV-12394)

13-06-11, 06:06
Thanks Michal! That is good to know.

15-06-11, 15:06
About those 2 editors which shows opaque option, but do not opaque:
1. CMS Article: I checked some notes and it is as it should be. Opaque is not supported here, because articles are written in forum default language (this is not content which can be added by anyone). And we didn't made any additional condition to not show opaque option for performance reasons - group of people writing CMS articles is limited and those are native speakers so have same default language as forum and will not see opaque options. So this stays as it is.

2. CMS Article Comment: it should opaque and will be in next release. Quick fix: create new plugin for hook vbcms_article_populate_end, for vBET product, with name Handle default language for CMS article comments and code:

if ($view->comment_block) {
$view->comment_block = str_replace('if (comment_postid > 0)', 'if (document.getElementById(\'vbet_addbbcodes\').checked) {
postvars += \'&vbet_postInLanguage=\' + document.getElementById(\'vbet_addbbcodes\').value;
if (comment_postid > 0)', $view->comment_block);

15-06-11, 16:52
New issue with 4.1.4 editor - when checking preview post and going to advanced on translated page then content of message is translated – it shouldn’t be. We are working on this right now, so release will be hold until we solve new issue.

16-06-11, 01:46
New issue with 4.1.4 editor - when checking preview post and going to advanced on translated page then content of message is translated – it shouldn’t be. We are working on this right now, so release will be hold until we solve new issue.

OK - we have solution for this and it will be included in next release :)

16-06-11, 08:50
And one more issue found and already corrected - redirect happened for ckeditor.php requests on translated pages. It was not really a bug - everything was working fine after redirect, but redirect was bad for performance. We already fixed it so requests for ckeditor.php already includes language parameter and no redirection for lost translation tracking is necessary :) This will be included in next release.

16-06-11, 10:20
This is really great news for me Michal. I am holding off on upgrading to 4.1.4 until I know all my really important mods will work. Thus far there are still a few that wont. But it gives me peace of heart to know that vBET, which is one of my most important ones will be good to go! Thank you very much for your great work and awesome support always! There are few guys in this business like you!!

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