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09-06-11, 01:22
vBShop has possibility to send PM. In this case if you have turned option to not translate usernames, there is need to integrate vBShop with vBET - otherwise PM have not translated areas included in message body. Integration is simple and requires only adding 1 line of code. This is not necessary if you do not use option to not translate usernames.

Integration steps:
1. Edit file /dbtech/vbshop/includes/class_items_core.php
2. Find:

$userids = explode(',', $this->config['notifications']);
3. Put BEFORE it:

$buyer['username'] =& str_replace(array('<!--vBET_SNTA-->', '<!--vBET_ENTA-->'), '', $buyer['username']);

09-06-11, 01:46
Thanks Michal. I can confirm that this works.

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