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07-12-09, 19:42
Dałem radę. Nieważne. :p

09-12-09, 07:39
1st In recent topics in vbadvanced written in Portuguese on display along with bbcode

como faço pra participar

What to do to not want? 2. You wrote about Portuguese "como faço pra participar" in the body of the repeated the same thing. If content everything is nicely displays both translated and no, it's in the title instead of "" popped up "the FAA $". After my editing and improving the FAA $ for now on the displays correctly.What is the cause of this error? How to fix this?

10-12-09, 22:22
1st Give me please link on where I can see it. 2nd Are you able to reproduce - that is how you write a new post with the title of this are also bushes? By the way, as it will be easier in the future, for each problem, write a separate thread:)

20-12-09, 22:17
ad. You know the link to an ad. 2 You know the description I'm waiting:)

22-12-09, 00:19
Podeślij through the forum. This is the only official channel through which aid is delivered in vBET. Information sent through other channels may simply die, or be received from another computer and be more accessible to our staff. Therefore sorki for the inconvenience, but you type it again here;)

11-01-10, 20:24
Today, the forum featured a new "flower":

htt p://fifa.pes.com.pl/sezon-1-fifa-10-ps3-f2154/%D0%B7%D0%B0nz%D0%B2%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0z%D0%B8%D0%B5-23440.html
Any hint?

11-01-10, 20:59
Yes - see the title of a thread inside a langtitle - as it does not add (code language). By the way - please open new threads for new issues:) This will help us better manage them:)

12-01-10, 07:52
Yes-see the title of the thread is inside a tag langtitle-how does this add (with the code of the language). On the occasion of-please open new threads for new issues) This will help us better manage:)Actually I think there was this marker. In the body of the topic as well. The question now is: why?The user has the language set to EN, while its IP address is from Russia. to register the user on the forum, its language is automatically selected, based on what language you are currently browsing the forums?Well, i returned the main problem of this topic, which is on the main page (vbcmps) this revised theme shows me as: [langtitle = ru] Запись therefore continue this thread

12-01-10, 14:04
If you have not set automatic language detection messages, the system trusts the user. vBET does not automatically set the language during rejestacji - the user chooses it himself. vBET proposes automatically (good morning marks) language based on browser settings, and not based on IP. As for BB Advanced vBET is currently no module integrates with vB Advanced Dynamics langtitle and there will be interpreted. vB CMPS is simply not yet integrated and therefore there is not yet interpreted langtitle. So this requires integration. If you want to help the integration - please write pista section integration. Let me give you a sample code to use to parse langtitle - you have to use it in the right place. vBET over time will support the most popular fashion. Currently, we have much work to versją 3.3.0, which wyjdzei including tygdniu, then the 4.0. Then we will integrate other fashion - vB CMPS is already reported to the integration:)

12-01-10, 18:40
Ok. Thank you. Subject to closing. ps:).I do not have permission to create topics in the section integration ... that's why I posted it here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/pl/vbet-integration-other-plugins/245-wsparcie-dla-vbadvanced-cmps.html#post1085

23-01-10, 15:10
I updated the permissions:) So for the future;)

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