View Full Version : Solved Not showing Original Version When translated.

02-06-11, 22:05
Title should read "Not showing Original Version When translated

When I post in English, then view the post in welsh it is not showing the original non translated version nor the images to show that the post has been translated

It should be showing like this:

When I post in English, then view the job in Welsh, it does not show the original version or not translated the images to show that the job has been translated

I have it set to use javascript for both guest and registered users. I have tried the other methods as well, but non of them have worked.

I have tried viewing the post when logged in and when logged out (I even tried on another computer), with the same issue.

Have I missed a setting?
Or do I have to edit the template?

The site is North Wales Forums - The forum for Isle of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire (http://northwalesforums.co.uk)

02-06-11, 22:52
Title of this thread corrected as you whished :)

Please note that original message is shown only for messages written in other language that forum default (just like in example you attached). So if someone writes in your forum language then after translation he has just translated page without original text, because original text is accessible in original forum URL. But when someone writes in other language than forum default then original message can be added to let people know what was the original content (1. maybe user knows this language; 2. otherwise how to know what was the original message).

Because your forum is in English it shouldn't show original message when translated for posts written in English. It should only for posts written in different language. You can see same behavior on our forum.

So unless I misunderstood, there is no issue. Please confirm does this information help or do you still need some assistance here?

Please note that this could be done if each your message was opaque in [ lang=en]the message[/ lang] BBCode (without spaces), but vBET does automatic opaque only for messages written in language other than forum default. First we found there is no sense to do it for all messages (most will be in your forum default language). Second it would affect your performance, because each message will have to be parsed by BBCode parser during each display.
Here you have example:
this is just a test

03-06-11, 01:30
Right OK now I understand.

Just tested it and it works exactly like you say.

Problem solved. Or should I say, there was no problem to start with.

03-06-11, 01:53
Hmm what happened to my other thread regarding problem getting vbet to work with vbadvanced links directory :confused:

03-06-11, 13:49
Have no idea - I checked your all posts in your member page but found no topic about vbadvanced made by you. We had once server issue and posts from one day disappeared (because of accidental backup restore) - it was described in announcement, so maybe this is the reason. Anyway - just create new thread about your issue with vbadvanced and we will check it :)

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