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01-06-11, 14:38
Where can I get VB version 3.8 forum like where you open?

02-06-11, 13:22
At this moment vBET sale is by default closed because Google will close their translation API 1st December (details here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-general-discussions/1900-google-translate-api-shut-off-2011-12-01-a-2.html).

We will officially reopen selling when we will have alternative solutions for translation. We can give you special link which will allow you to buy if you are sure you want to buy, even knowing that in 6 months Google will close translations API and if vBET will not have alternative solutions then translations will stop working. This is why we temporary closed selling. If you are completely sure that you want to buy anyway - please let us know and we will send you special link which will allow for this.

02-06-11, 14:17
I want a link, thanks.

02-06-11, 21:13
Because we was asked several times about making vBET possible to buy right now we reopen selling of vBET. Still we added clear warning on purchase page so anybody who want to buy is aware that 1st december 2011 Google translation API will be closed and vBET do not have at this moment alternative way to support translation.

Here is the statement awailable on purchase page:

WARNING!: Google will stop to provide their translation API in 1st of December 2011. We are working to support translations by other services. You can find all information about our progress here: Google turns off translations API (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-general-discussions/1900-google-translate-api-shut-off-2011-12-01-a.html)

We blocked selling of vBET until we do not have alternative solution for translations, but we was asked to allow to buy vBET anyway. We are honest company and we think that selling product which future can end soon, even when customer agree on that in license is not the way to make business (many users do not read license at all). Because we was asked for this we reopen selling for vBET with warning. Be aware - 1st December Google will remove translation API. We cannot tell now how many languages will be supported after that or will we find any alternative translation API at all. And to avoid any mistakes - here is part of vBET license: vBET works using Google Translation Service and you must be allowed to use it. SIMPLE Podbielski Michał gives you no refunds in case if your forum is blocked/banned or limited in any other way to Google Translation Services.
So there will be no refund at all. We will do our best to support translations by other APIs, still at this moment we cannot guarantee will it be legally possible nor how many languages will be supported.

So if you still want to buy, being aware of this please just use our Buy Now! (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/purchase.php) link.

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