View Full Version : Solved Issue with PM's send by vBSHOP!

01-06-11, 10:23
I upgraded my vbShop (From Dragonbyte Technologies) and now I have this <VB SNTA> codes again in all PM's sent by this mod. I attach some screenshots. Please help me to resolve this. It only happens if a member is using a different language as default. Thank you.




When attempting to reply to one of these I get an error message because of the username between these codes


02-06-11, 22:37
Please PM access details to Admin CP and FTP + exact instructions how to reproduce the issue. What to do to have such auto generated info (is it auto generated)... Shortly - please send more details where to find it and how to reproduce it.

07-06-11, 14:54
OK I know where PM is send in vbshop. It is in file: /dbtech/vbshop/includes/class_items_core.php
I can make fast integration on vbshop side. It is enough to put one line of code before this line:

$userids = explode(',', $this->config['notifications']);
And as additional line put this:

$buyer['username'] =& str_replace(array('<!--vBET_SNTA-->', '<!--vBET_ENTA-->'), '', $buyer['username']);
This is already tested and included in your forum.

I can also make some more investigation and find out which part of vBET code opaque it, but still any solution will require special integration... On their side like described or on vBET side by adding some condition. We cannot just include it in official vBET code, because it is only about this one plugin.

Please tell does this solution is OK?

It has effect only for new PM - old one are just broken. You can correct it by SQL query on database if you want.

07-06-11, 17:45
Thank you very much Michal. Seems to be working great now!

08-06-11, 07:29
OK so - we are not able to reproduce this issue outside of your forum. So if you want us to made some more investigation and try to find better solution which will not require to remember about additional integration steps, then we can do it on your forum. I'm really not sure will it be possible without special integration steps, but if you want us to look more and will to share your forum for this then we can spend little more time for this.

If this is enough - I will write new thread in integration section so it will be easily available in the future.

Of course simplest thing is to just disable option to not translate usernames, but it seems to be not too good idea ;)

09-06-11, 00:43
At this stage it seems to be enough Michal. I will keep an eye out for any issues, but thus far it seems to be solved. Thanks again.

09-06-11, 01:18
OK so - setting this to solved :) Enjoy vBET! :)

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