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07-12-09, 09:47
I installed the new version of vbenterprise translator (2.3.5) and from that moment doesn't make me more translations, instead of translated texts does not appear anything. I had suspended the scheduled task " Automatically removes old cache translations from ", then I called. How to make it work? Thank you

10-12-09, 20:51

11-12-09, 16:07
assistance responded in kind:

Hello Marco,

You were sending a high volume of traffic to the Google AJAX APIs which looks like it may be abuse or the result of a programming error. Because you failed to identify yourself with an (optional) API key or by correctly setting your HTTP referer (as required by the Terms of Use), we were unable to contact you about this traffic.

I urge you to take a look at our Terms of Use:
Google AJAX API Terms of Use - Google AJAX Language API - Google Code (http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxlanguage/terms.html)

Please pay particular attention to the sections which require that every query be at the direct request of an end user, that the results must be shown to the user (unmodified), and the rules around caching. Also notice the requirements around attribution and identification.

If you feel that your site's usage is in compliance, please provide additional information as to how your site is using the API (including a link), and also include the IP address of your server.

Adam Feldman
Product Manager, Google

2009/12/11 Marco Ghisi <sanmarco76********it>


non so se devo scrivere in italiano oppure in inglese, quindi intanto
provo in italiano.

Sono l'amministratore di un forum:
Scuola - Forum di cultura generale (http://scuo.la/)

che utilizza un plugin per le traduzioni basato su google.

Il problema è che da qualche giorno le traduzioni non compaiono più, e
viene riportato questo errore:

{"responseData": null, "responseDetails": "Suspected Terms of Service
Abuse, please contact ajaxapis-support@google.com.", "responseStatus": 403}

Potete risolvere per favore?

Credo che sia tutto in regola


11-12-09, 22:30
As I see you didn't use API key before ban. Also I see there one very weird info - they say that you didn't use referrer header - 2.3.5 is sending referrer header. I will have check it in code.

So as message says - contact them :)
Write that you are using API key now and new version of program, you have "Powered by Google", ache results only for 15 days and only for real requests.

Also please check in your logs does some dummy robot is not crawling your forum too greedily - it could be the reason why Google get high volume of traffic.

11-12-09, 22:47
Also please update to 2.3.6 - it appears that there was bug in sending referrer header.

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