View Full Version : Solved Flags are messed up.

21-05-11, 16:00
Guys, I don't know what is going on today! I have had my CPU load usage rise to more than 160, and I think it was vBET caching or so. And now all my flags are completely messed up. Wrong flags for wrong languages. Please look into this. Thanks.

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22-05-11, 15:57
24 hours, and nothing!

Some of us have big forums you know! Can I please get someone to look into this issue???

22-05-11, 16:21
Hi. As you know we support for free, still our support is not 24/7 and for weekends it is possible for posts to wait little longer, but during the week our staff is here every day :)

I checked your forum and I do not know what you are writing about. It seems to be OK. Please write which flag exactly is not OK and is it in drop down menu or in footer flags?

Also - make sure that you use actual files and it is not just issue with your browser cache. New version have additional languages, so flags image changed and it is possible that you just had issue with your browser cache not with vBET. You can use F5 to reload page without using cache in IE.

Please tell does issue exists or it is false alarm. If exists - please give details, because I do not see it.\

22-05-11, 16:54
Michal please my friend. I am not stupid. I cleared my browser's cache many times. The flags are completely wrong. Wrong flags with wrong languages. At this moment the Spanish flag is set as English. Maybe your cache is not cleared!?

23-05-11, 10:45
This is a real mystery to me. I have spent almost all day trying to figure this out. It seems that only members in China has this issue. Can it be a google thing maybe?

Every other member's flag are correct. But my members in China have this weird issue. I live and work in China too.

23-05-11, 19:57
hello Taurus,

I can find what cause this issue, I checked in site source and using google chrome tools.

Do you have an idea what I can do to have the same results like you?
Also, please copy and send to me by PM your site source code with this issue.
Maybe I will find something in your site source.
What about different internet browsers? can you check it using IE, Chrome or Opera? Maybe this is caused by browser (wrong css style or something).
which version of browser are you use? if IE - please write which version of IE

24-05-11, 04:20
Hi Kamil. I will send you a PM now. I have the same issue in all browsers.

24-05-11, 11:30
Well, miraculously the flags are now fixed for me again. The only reason for this strange occurrence I can think of is that it had something to do with my content delivery network. That the flag images somehow got mixed up on the China server when vBET did the cache. And now after some time, they got fixed again.

So at this stage it seems fixed. Thanks Kamil and Michal!

24-05-11, 11:31
thanks for this confirmation - solved:)

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