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21-05-11, 08:24
I am now having huge problems with my members. Since the upgrade everyone keeps on loosing their extra rankbadges. These get's added manually as additional usergroups. But the moment the cron runs to update the ranks everyone looses the manually entered ones. This did not happen before this update.

Please advise!!


22-05-11, 16:32
Hi. Before this update vBET didn't use groups at all. vBET4.3.0 version is oficially considered unstable beta version, so issues with new functionalisies can happen. Sorry for troubles, we will work to solve it.

Please give more information about rankbadges. Is it native vB functionality or from some mod? In booth cases - where to find? Which cron task removes it? Does it affect other additional usergroups or just those related to rankbadges? Is it happen when cron task runs with vBET dissabled?

22-05-11, 16:51
It is just set as default vbulletin usergroups. Ranks, etc. No mod. I really don't understand why vBET now uses usergroups?

23-05-11, 20:00
Which cron task removes it? Does it affect other additional usergroups or just those related to rankbadges? Is it happen when cron task runs with vBET dissabled?

If this is vB default option - please write which settings I need to set to repoduce it on my test forum? If you describe it for me - I will try to make the same results like you.


24-05-11, 04:27
The update of user ranks and titles cron removes it. With vBET disabled it is fine.

How to explain this? hmmmmm

I created quite a few additional usergroups, and these also gets a rankbadge (Which are associated to the the usergroups) Now it seems that when there is more than one or two additional usergroups added (manually) to a member, when the cron runs, it takes those manually added ones away.

I hope you understand.

24-05-11, 11:33
This is now becoming a huge issue for me. I have more than 50 000 members, and you must understand that I have to manually add these usergroups everyday at this stage. Is there not a way for me to manually disable this usergroups vBET now adds? I don't even understand why you did this!!??

24-05-11, 17:27
It is just set as default vbulletin usergroups. Ranks, etc. No mod. I really don't understand why vBET now uses usergroups?

This was requested here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-feature-requests/1210-secondary-usergroups-users-depend-mother-language-each-user.html

I understand it is huge issue for you. To make it as fast as possible please just PM me your access details to Admin CP and FTP. Also please tell me which exactly usergroup I can add here and which exactly cron task (by name) I have to run to see the issue. I will check and correct it on place - this will give fastest results. I will handle this personally and do it today if you send me details fast enough (I will be available for 4-5 more hours today, with 1 hour break now). If you do not want to share your access details, then still I need details how to configure our test forum to see the effect.

Also one more question to understood the issue correctly – does usergroups are removed (so usergroup disappear from forum) or just assignment user to usergroup disappears. So you need to add usergroups again or assign user to usergroup again?

24-05-11, 17:54
Thanks Michal. PM sent.

What I see getting taken away by cron is my 'Legend' and 'Xtreme' usergroups/ranks. I really don't know how to explain it. I hope you can see on my forum. I am also not exactly sure which cron. But every day, after adding these manually, they are gone again. So I am guessing it has to be the cron updating usertitles and ranks.

Thanks for the help!

29-05-11, 20:24
As I wrote in PM - I checked all daily cron tasks on your forum and found nothing. At this moment we are not able to reproduce the issue, so we are not able to work on it. Also as I wrote you I really doupt that it is vBET issue - you have issue that only some special users loose their usergroups and others don't loose same usergroups - if it would be something automatically most probably it would affect all users with this usergroup. I checked vBET code for usergroups again and I found nothing what could cause this issue. So maybe it is caused by some actions performed by those users - please speak to them an find out was there some common action taken.

Shortly - I do not believe that it is vBET fault, still I'm willing to check details when you give us information how to reproduce the issue. I double checked all daily cron tasks on your forum and found nothing. Please give us more detailed information how to reproduce the issue.

01-06-11, 09:49
OK, for 2 days, I went back to old vBET. Not one problem in these 2 days. Last night I upgraded, and this morning I had to again add additional usergroups to at least 10 members. It must have something to do with the additional usergroups vBET now also adds. So please tell me how to remove these completely from vBET for I cannot carry on like this. Thanks.

06-06-11, 20:38
Whole code about usergroups you have in file /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_usergroups.php.

There is only one function which is used as reaction to vBulletin logic (for hook: userdata_presave) and the function name is vbenterprisetranslator_functions_usergroups.php (7 matches).

Other 2 functions in the file which makes changes are used for removing vBET usergroups during vBET un-installation and nowhere else.

So if it is wrong because of vBET, then it can be only because of function vbet_changeDefaultLanguageGroup. Nothing else is making any changes on usergroups.

So if you want to disable it, then the simplest way is to just disable "Set appropriate Default Language Group" plugin. But this will disable automatic handle for vBET usergroups. So if you want those also be removed just remove it by Admin CP.

We recommend just to disable the plugin first. If you find your issue disappear, then we can check it again (we checked it already twice), still we have same thing - we do not know how to reproduce the issue.

Also you can check other plugins for hook userdata_presave and change execution order to be executed before/after vBET plugin.

09-06-11, 00:46
After disabling that plugin, and running without it for about 48 hours now, I have not had this issue again. So I think it would be safe to assume that it is because vBET added and additional usergroup, and if you have a few already, for some reason the others gets taken away with some cron running. lol, that sounds a bit vague I know, but without the plugin it is all good again.

09-06-11, 01:16
OK so - we will check it again. This was the only change you made - disabling the plugin? Does vBET usergroups are still on your forum or you removed those? What is exact version of your vBulettin (we want to look close not only in our code but also in hook environment)?

09-06-11, 01:44
Yes, that is the only change I made. And I took the ticks out from the usergroups for vBET. But they are still there though. Is there an easy way to remove those? Because it takes up a lot of space.

09-06-11, 11:38
And I took the ticks out from the usergroups for vBET.
What does it mean exactly? You did what?

About removing vBET groups - you can do it by Admin CP in vBulletin options, or by executing function vbet_removeDefaultLanguageGroups from /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_usergroups.php

Please note that if you remove those we will be not ale to look closer at the issue, because it happens only on your forum.

10-06-11, 14:56
What does it mean exactly? You did what?

I deselected the usergroups from vBET. Like when you select a user in ACP it will have a tick/mark by let's say 'Spanish' as an additional usergroup. This I deselected.

16-06-11, 16:43
As I wrote you in PM we still do not know what is the reason of the issue on your forum. Still I made some changes in vBET code in this area. Right now vBET will handle usergroups only when some usergroups changed or when user default language chanes. So in hook it is added condition:

if ($this->setfields['membergroupids'] || $this->setfields['vbet_def_lang']) {
I have no idea will it help to your issue since we do not know what causes it. Anyway it is possible that it will help. As I wrote you in PM, in your changes history often usergroups from before column was cleared - maybe because those where not loaded from database at all. With this condition in such cases vBET will do nothing, because in booth cases when user changes data by User CP or admin by Admin CP, then usergroups are loaded.

This will be included in next release, so please check it. If it will not work then you will disable the hook again and we will made investigation again.

Please confirm after update does it help.

EDITED - it is confirmed. For quick fix please:
1. Go to Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager
2. Find hook named Set appropriate Default Language Group for hook userdata_presave and click Edit for it
3. Add at the beggining of code:

if ($this->setfields['membergroupids'] || $this->setfields['vbet_def_lang']) {
4. Add at the end of code:

5. Save it

19-06-11, 07:36
OK, I upgraded now, and will check if I still have this problem. I will let you know. Thanks.

21-06-11, 00:33
After running with the update for more than 2 days now, and without disabling that plugin or anything else, I have not had this issue again. So I think it is safe to say that your fix did the trick. Thanks again Michal. A real big thanks! I know that this issue was only present on my forum, and I sincerely appreciate the extra mile you went to help me on this!

21-06-11, 22:03
thanks for this confirmation :)

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