View Full Version : Solved I now must issue a install ticket!

12-05-11, 21:00
I cant get this to work, I been twisting on this product now for almost 1 month now and used maybe more than 100 hours on troubleshooting on this vBET 4 product, installed on Vbulletin 4.1.3 and I now give up, I am piss and I am frustrated.

I need staff here to install it for me and configure it to work.

Its way to hard to install this product so help because now its soon one month since I buy the package and its still not working.

I handed it over to a free lanser in web design and he tryed to get it to work but afther 5 hours he had to give up.

Message to STAFF:

Contact me on PM or Email for get login info to my server or tell me how u want the ftp login info!

Hope your'e going to correct this soon as I have lost my themper on troubleshooting guides and what not.

12-05-11, 22:10
I noticed that your forum text disappear after translation, so check it: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq.html#post1537

Please check your admincp->vBET options according to readme.html file from do-not-upload folder and set your forum main language.

13-05-11, 21:26
Problem solved by activate standard or default lang in admincp.

Should be activated by default to eng to have less trouble shooting to deal with.

And yes I know this forum is the worng forum to post in, however in my not good mood and very tired as troubleshooting this for maybe over 100 hours I didnt find the right forum to post in and i cant find it now to:confused: I am starting to think I am stupid :eek:

14-05-11, 14:14
thanks for confirmation - solved

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