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Simon Lloyd
12-05-11, 15:00
Hi, do we really need to have the 60(ish) new usergroups?, it's going to be an absolute pain going through each and every one changing the permissions for my mods & hacks.

Can we get rid of them?

12-05-11, 15:22

Can you explain it better? usergroups? you mean - vBET language usergroups?.
What does it meat, that users can change vBET settings?


Simon Lloyd
12-05-11, 15:27
Hi Kamil, thanks for the reply, when upgrading to 3.4.0 for vb3.8.6 i found that every single language now has it's own usergroup in Admincp>Usergroups>Usergroup Manager and most of them have secondary users, the trouble is i have some modifications and hacks added which require admins to set the permissions per usergroup, so now i have to go to each and every one to turn off all permissions.

It just seems overkill to put each of the users in a secondary usergroup, what is the point of it?

12-05-11, 20:20

vBET makes usergroups automaticly and users are added to usergroups after after setting the main language (user language in usercp).

"have some modifications and hacks added which require admins to set the permissions per usergroup"
I don't understand it, can you explain it better?

Simon Lloyd
12-05-11, 20:34
I have mods or hacks from vb.org & some custom ones, for example i have one called vb post templates and within the usergroup settings for each usergroup you set whether they can use the mod and what particular parts of the mod are available to them, ALL the new usergroups that vbet added have the permissions set to enable the use of this mod but they should NOT be allowed, i have almost finished going through them all turning off all these permissions it's been a real pain. Why did they need to be put in usergroups in the first place?

12-05-11, 21:56
here you have this option described:

secondly - vBET usergroups are not connected with any permissions so maybe this is your mod bug, but I can't say for sure.

Please give me a name to one from your mods and url to this mod (should be free) and I will check it on my test forum (and of course - write how to reproduce it step by step)

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