View Full Version : Already done Cleanup cache daily - only 15 days old

06-12-09, 16:29
Instead of cleaning the whole cache every 15 days, it would be much better to cleanup cache daily for 15 days old content only.

With the present cache clearing strategy (every 15 days) a lot of cache younger than 15 days are deleted each time. With my suggestion only 15 days old cache is deleted and the younger cache is kept until it is 15 days old.

10-12-09, 21:38
This is default strategy (Normal Deletion) - you have it already just set it in configuration. Other strategies are for really big forums, where appears that such clearing takes too much time (for indexes rebuild). So please use strategy which fits the best for your forum. Also if you have some suggestions for some new strategy we are open to hear it. Actual proposition is already implemented as Normal Deletion cleaning strategy :)

13-12-09, 00:08
Ok, thats great news, wasent aware of that :)

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