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11-05-11, 15:06
Is trying manage pŵalthough nature coming fwyfwy popular beside to owners inhabit look for answers sustainable to diminish use energy and’to track foot carbon. new guideline Intention, Energy Renewable’and ch building historical - Artificial Systems Microgynhyrchu that is his published while Keeping , Government historical environment service the Assembly of Wales, consciousness is lifting him’r variety of opportunities and answers that is available to owners that is for an artificial system micro produce in building historical, regional conservation, garden or park historical, heneb ancient or position archaeological. the guideline its Got launch with the Minister Heritage Alun Ffred Jones on a stall Keep Wales Agricultural Show. Microgynhyrchu road is of producing warmth, electricity (or’r two) on a scale small of low carbon source. a lot of technologies Are today like photovoltaics, pympiau warmth, biomas and electricity dŵr using sources renewable, likeŵp although wind and sun, while be other continuing to use fuel ffosil, in effective big road. there are not not a reason why nor historical buildings owners #should consider these technologies but necessity consider defend the character of the building or relief as good as plan and the location of the systems microgynhyrchu. Is ’r book suggesting principal points to owners consider as good as associations relevant for knowledge further. Is Keeping experimenting with plans microgynhyrhu itself and hoping the number will be him’to positions being able to meet with local energy needs. At the moment light artificial artificial programme is A FAIRLY energy low getting accomplish him in positions Keep and of outcome is ‘nor reductions substantial in costs electricity ready and will be lowering impact Keep on the environment over time.

11-05-11, 15:13
Hmm works quite well, a few mistakes, but you will never get a perfect automatic translation.

Going to buy this now.

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vBET works on google translation engine - We hope that it will be still better

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