View Full Version : Solved Changing language code in a post issue.

10-05-11, 04:58
This issue has been bothering me for a long time. Why when, let's say a member chose the wrong language, and typed something, and posted it, I cannot edit the language code manually in a post? When I edit it from let's say 'bg' to 'th' it makes no difference. The language just remains the same in the post.

10-05-11, 18:33

Taurus, As i understand - this post is not translated. Of course you can edit a post and put another language code inside?
Remember that if you still try to put wrong code lang - still not translated.
You can test using google the post language - just use translator by google (anslate.google.pl) and get the "find language" option. After that - put the good language code inside post.

If still not good - please paste here an url with this post.


11-05-11, 03:57
I cannot change the language code. I made very sure that it is the correct language code too. But any post that was first wrong, and then edited to insert the correct language code, will also not translate.

Here is the post:

Windows 7 Themes: World of Warcraft by TheBull - Page 8 (http://creativx.net/forums/windows-7-themes-dark-thebull/49594-windows-7-themes-world-warcraft-thebull-8.html#post304588)

It is in Thai language, and even editing it to Thai makes no difference. It just remains untranslated.

11-05-11, 19:03
right - this is thai.
Taurus please make for me a account with access to post edition - I will check it myself.

12-05-11, 00:42
Log in details PM'd. Thanks Kamil.

12-05-11, 15:22
ok, Thanks - I will check it for you and solve

12-05-11, 16:12
Thanks Kamil. Now why is my post above got some flags and what not. 'Malaysia'???

My default language is set to English. Why is my post above showing differently?

12-05-11, 22:47

I was on your site - This look like issue with database cache. language change did not cause changes in the database cache.
Probably it was a single bug because I made a test message on your forum and everythings works good (post edit etc.). - not this message is deleted of course.

For this single post when each edition of this post, the cache in the database has not been overwritten
Now - it looks like solved - the addition of a single stamp (like space) has forced the re-entry in the database cache (of course message is still in original form - you can check - just edit a post). And after this re-entry your post is translated good.

At this moment I can't explain what was wrong with this single bug - maybe temporary lack of connection to google.
If this happens again and If you can reproduce this bug again - just describe it step by step and I will try to reproduce it on my test forum and solve.

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