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06-12-09, 09:23
Is it normal for your database to triple in size following the installation of vBET?

I started out with a 1Gb DB, and now I'm looking at close to 3. While I understand that entire pages posts are being cached here, wouldn't it be more stable to have this done in a separate database outside of vB (like 2.x does)?

10-12-09, 21:45
Yes - your DB will grow. Your content is multiplied 52 times (if you have all languages enabled), so it is hard to not grow ;)

Using same DB does NOT affects stability forum at all, because there is no query which uses other resources from vB. Also vBET 2.x also use same database.

You can always disable some languages, or just disable cache for some languages if DB size is an issue for you. But as long as you have space on your drive the size of DB does not affect you - vBET is using indexes for all queries. There is one thing which you can be interested if your cache tables are really big - those are clearing strategies. For more details about those please go to Admin CP -> vBET -> Cache.

11-12-09, 20:47
Thanks for the reply! That clears up those concerns.

My final concern is with mysqldumps. If I run mysqldump via command line, is there any way I can exclude the vBET cache tables from being dumped? I'd rather not waste space backing up the cache :p

11-12-09, 23:18
We are planning to support file cache. It would take much more space on hard drive, but get data without DB queries. We didn't start implementation of this yet.

At this moment we are planning how configurable it should be and other details. We want it running for everyone - it means without necessary to install any additional caching engine.

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