View Full Version : Solved Filtered words in thread title being translated

07-05-11, 03:20
As per title. Filtered words found in title is being translated.

10-05-11, 15:02
any solution?

10-05-11, 18:27

Please paste here an url to your site and to the page with this issue, because I need more information

11-05-11, 02:14
here you go:
Community News & Guidelines (http://www.predatoryfishkeepers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2-Community-News-amp-Guidelines)

"PFK" is a filtered word.

12-05-11, 15:12
ok I will check it for you

02-06-11, 22:56
Hi. Kamil is on vacation and I'm taking his cases. I do not know ws it solved by PM or the issue is still alive (I see status 'To Explain') - so please confirm do you need any help with his issue or can be marked as solved?

04-06-11, 03:51
This have yet to be resolved.

04-06-11, 21:16
If you mean parameter Ignored words/sentences, then there is no bug at all. Please read parameter description:

Which words/sentences should be ignored during translation. This will have effect only on messages created after word/sentence was added here. It will automatically opaque ignored words/sentences from incoming messages into notranslate bbcode (supports: posts, group messages, picture comments, visitor messages and private messages). It will have no effect on words outside messages - for those just use not translated area in appropriate template. It will also have no effect on message title - only on message content. Use separate line for each ignored word/sentence. It is case sensitive!

To support newly added ignored words in already existing messages, please use Opaque Ignored Words functionality.

So if it is about this configuration, then if you want it working also for titles then please made new post in Feature Request. At this moment we have the way to support it there, but no body was asking for it, so it was not needed. If you need it - please write new post there so we will be able to manage new feature request.

If it is about something else, then please describe it with more details so I will know what exactly it is about :)

05-06-11, 03:42
Looks like what I needed. Will raise a request over there. Thanks.

06-06-11, 00:46
OK so this issue is closed. We will keep discussion in feature request section :)

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