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10-10-09, 00:44
One important thing is to avoid typos. Human can find out what is written in his language. But translation boot (even from Google ;)) is not so smart to made assumptions that he knows what should be written, but is not. So editors which underlines wrong words are very useful to keep content available to translate in high quality :)

07-11-09, 09:55
Hm.. how do you make users type correctly? I know some of my users use words like "ur" and "afaik", etc... I guess it would be hard to implement something that corrects that.

07-11-09, 18:11
Not hard. Browsers already correct spelling. When I'm writing this message I see red underline on each word which is misspelled. And I even have hints for corrections just like in Word :)

About specific "dialects", or sub-culture words - like in each sub-culture people learn new words when they become part of this sub-culture (no matter that this is in their native language or not). So foreign users will recognize such words very fast - maybe asking what that means at the begging, but they will understand it :)

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