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04-05-11, 09:35
The possibility to import a XML file, intended for the language manager, into the vBet (even if having to convert it through some external application).

(Original thread: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/pre-sales-questions/1731-will-translations-vbulletin-language-manager-still-used.html#post8275 )

There is hundreds of phrases in vBulletin, and people have already created translations to be used with the language manager. Several available to be downloaded for free.

Google translate is much better than no translation. But hand crafted translations will always be better. There are plans to add flags to the cache, so hand crafted translations can be used. Functionality wise this is superior to the internal vBulletin language manager, as content in the CMS and in blogs can be correctly translated as well; instead of only the phrases.

But with the amount of phrases in vBulletin, most likely having to translate everything by hand would make most people give up during the process (I know I sure would... :( ). But if a XML file intended for the language manager could be used, directly or after a conversion, a lot of translation work would be saved.

Being able to export out hand crafted translations from vBet to vBulletin language XML format would be a nice feature for collaborational translation work; but most likely not as useful as the possibility to import them.

04-05-11, 12:37
Request accepted. Of course we will have to do some additional things during import:
- Filter messages and import only those which do not include any parameters, because parameterized phrases evaluates to different texts which will not be comparable to key (original phrase) in vBET cache
- Cut phrases in case of html included - vBET do not send html to Google, so only text between HTML tags can be keys in cache.
- Change cache cleaner code - do not clean not automatic translations (easy to recognize - by special value for timestamp i.e. 0 or -1 or something like that)
- Change code for supporting external database and move not automatic translations in case of turning on/off external database for cache
- Add warning to last cleaning strategy - it will destroy also not automatic translations
- Such importing will of course require having phrases for oryginal forum language and other imported language. Only then we will be able to find for same phrase key original message and translated message, where in vBET cache original message will be cache key and translated will be cache translation.

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