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28-04-11, 13:09

after the Update, and all of the settings from the readme, the subjects are not more of the forumhome, the sidebar and forumdisplay accessible. The page is all white,ß and the Links in the address bar will look like this:

Call from the Sidebar:

Call from the Forenliste from the forumhome:

The cause of the Ächanges after the Vbseo Integration Part 2

# (Required) SEO links translation integration - part 2

1. Download from server file FORUM_ROOT/vbseo/includes/functions_vbseo_url.php
2. Open it in any text editor and find:
$text = strtr($text, $trarr_table);
3. REPLACE it with this code:

if (false !== strpos($text, '[langtitle=')) {
$text = strtr($text, $GLOBALS['vbet_custom_char_replacement']);
if (vB_Template_Runtime::fetchStyleVar('charset') != 'utf-8') {
$text = preg_replace('/&#([0-9]+);/esiU', 'convert_int_to_utf8(\'\\1\')', $text);
} else {
$text = strtr($text, $trarr_table);

4. Find:
header ("Location: $fulluri");
5. PUT BEFORE it this code:

if (isset($_REQUEST['language'])) {
require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_url_tracking.php');
$fulluri = vbet_createURLForAddressNoReplace($_REQUEST['language'], $fulluri);

6. Save file and upload it to server, overwriting the old one.

Vbseo Version: 3.6.0
Vbulletin Version: 4.1.3

Many Thanks To

28-04-11, 20:42
what about your settings in admincp->vBET->main?
did you set your url to SEO and set VBSEO_URI? What about your .htaccess file? can you put here the .htaccess content?

09-05-11, 08:19
no answer - solved, if not- please write here and I will open this thread once again.

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