View Full Version : Accepted vBet Full Guest Cache - but not for crawlers

23-04-11, 12:20
the Vbet Full Guest Cache is a nice idea.

But make it possible to disable it for crawlers, because google loves my forum and pages get indexed fast after a thread was opend, it would not be good to wait 1h or longer to get it indexed.

25-04-11, 21:19
In such case you can just disable guest cache for your forum and sub-forum pages. So those will be generated each time for everyone, and Google will see immediately that new thread is opened. vBET already allows to define pages which will not be cached by full guest cache.

Does such solution is OK?

27-04-11, 17:27
I dont use the guest cache at this moment, because its not adjustable to dont use cache when a spider visits a thread/forum.

You should make your plugin more seo comfortable ->

if i enable full guest cache i can check [ ] for all or [ ] not for spiders


if a guest is browsing the forum they get full cached output, but when a spider visits the site they get the real page (if there visits a spider ignore "Guests Cache Time To Live")

Do you know what i mean?

27-04-11, 18:57
Yes I know what you mean. Still please note that spiders generate lot of traffic to forums and they usually do not check same pages every several minutes. So it is not so important if spider get thread page from cache if it is cached for 1 hour. You can save lot of server resources thanks that - especially in case of not significant pages which are cached for full 14 days (fully configurable).

At this moment you can disable guest cache for forum/sub-forum pages for all visitors (including spiders). This will allow spiders to see new threads immediately, because links will appear immediately on forum page.

You can also disable guest cache for threads for all. Guest cache will still cache other your pages (like member pages) what will still be some improvement. Most traffic will go around guest cache, but now all your traffic goes around guest cache.

We will consider your request to add new configuration option. As I think it is should to recognize spider by headers or some other information. So we will make some prototype and if no issues will be visible we will include it in next release. We will inform you if we find some issues in this area (shouldn't be - still I didn't recognize spiders before so cannot tell exactly now).

28-04-11, 22:03
Okay, next idea:
[X] Full Guest cache
[X] ignore "Guests Cache Time To Live" for crawlers

If a crawler visits a site (thread, forum) which has not changed then submit full html.
If a crawler visits a site (thread, forum) which has changed then ignore "Guest Cache Time To Live" and create a new html output for guests.

You can identify crawlers thru the user agent: http://www.user-agents.org/ (just search for google, i think we only need to look for "Googlebot/*.* ( http://www.google.com/bot.html)", this is not the best - but fastest way, but i dont think that someone would like to abuse it.

I think the only search enginge where this could be profitable would be google, because other SE are not as fast as google in indexing, so others could easy use old html output.

Does this makes more sense for you?

04-05-11, 12:24
Great idea with refreshing Guest cache for crawler - if we have to generate view anyway we can also store it in Guest cache :)

OK - request accepted. We will check configuration possibilities and fink bout details when we will start implementing it. If you will find something new to add - please feel free :)

12-09-11, 20:22
WHERE can I read more about the Guest Cache feature? I assume it's an option in the purchased version of vBET, correct?

15-09-11, 10:33
You read from here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-announcements/4-vb-enterprise-translator-features.html.
Full file cache for guests are only for paid version.

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