View Full Version : Solved Do not be automatically translated in all post

19-04-11, 17:48
I've been framed using bbcode text . But the article contents article post still untranslated, help me to fix this error.E.G. link to post: http://windowsz.net/showthread.php/10493-JA1.5-JA-Quartz-Joomla-splendid-fashion-show-up-to-7-themes?p=31679&viewfull=1#post31679

19-04-11, 20:32
At this moment I can't display your site ( I have 101 error) please check it (and check your htaccess settings)

21-04-11, 09:48
My website is DDOS attacks, and so I'm creating a temporary firewall is only for people from Vietnam are accessing. Please tell me your IP so I allow it

21-04-11, 14:48
A common problem with the room that I could not open a post with link translation, for example, I can open the very clear: http:///showthread.php/23444-Th%C3%B4ng-b%C3%A1o-c%E1%BA%A7n-t%C3%A0i-tr%E1%BB%A3-cho-forum-windowsz.net windowsz.net? goto = newpostNhưng I am not able to open: http://windowsz.net/en/showthread.php/23444-Th%C3%B4ng-b%C3%A1o-c%E1%BA%A7n-t%C3%A0i-tr%E1%BB%A3-cho-forum-windowsz.net?p=58966

22-04-11, 05:31
I have the resolution, please close thread, thanks

22-04-11, 09:55
ok, thanks for your confirmation - solved

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