View Full Version : Solved Bad language reported in member info

02-12-09, 04:35
When looking in member info the default language used by a member, it shows the forum default language flag instead of the user language language flag. But if I look in the admincp, the user default language is correctly set!

This is very weird because look at the tests I have made.

If I login with my admin account which use the forum default language in vbet, I will see the wrong flag for the other user but if I change my admin account in order to use the same language as for the other user's, then I will see the good flag for the other user in member info.

So, there is for sure a problem there...

02-12-09, 06:06
It looks like we used viewer data instead of showed member data ;) I will check it - thanks for note.

03-12-09, 06:58
What about if I don't want to wait for the next update in order to correct this problem since it's a bug? Is this something I could correct simply by changing something in a module or anything else that could be easy for me to do? Could you give me some instructions how to correct this issue. It's because it's showing the wrong information on my site and I would like to correct this without knowing the next releade date of the future version.

05-12-09, 02:16
So, is it possible to get a clue how to resolve this not by myself?

11-12-09, 03:18
If new release is not to be soon, ca I get a clue how to fix this now if it's simple to do?

11-12-09, 03:45
Please give me few minutes I will have to make changes test it and I will publish quick fix instructions (of course in 3.3.0 it will work without any fixing :)).

11-12-09, 04:21
If you want to fix it before 3.3.0 release, please fallow instructions:

Go to Admin CP -> Plugins & products -> Plugin Manager
Find and go to plugin: "Add default language info into member description"
Change hook to "member_execute_start" Change plugin body to code below and save

if ($userinfo['vbet_def_lang']) {
require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_url.php');
$vbulletin->templatecache['postbit_onlinestatus'] .= '<img src=\"images/vbet/flags/'
.$userinfo['vbet_def_lang'].'.gif\" alt=\"'
.$vbphrase['vbenterprisetranslator_default_language'].vbet_getLanguage($userinfo['vbet_def_lang']).'\" border=\"0\"/>';

11-12-09, 04:21
Thanks vBET, this is really appreciated. :) Will test this out.

11-12-09, 04:44
Working as expected! Great. Again, Thanks a lot!

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