View Full Version : Already done Languages descriptions to be translated as well

28-11-09, 20:24
When using french as default language, why don't we see the descriptions of the languages in French?

For example, I wish we could have the descriptions in our own native language, so instead of "French", I should see "Fran├žais" ad all other languages descriptions should have a french translation, no?

See picture.

28-11-09, 21:48
Please note that all default phrases for vBET are in English. All you need to do is translate phrases to your language (in Admin CP).

29-11-09, 07:32
I tried translating the phrases for languages in order for them to display in my own language and it does not work.

For example, I translated these:
vbenterprisetranslator_cache_fr and vbenterprisetranslator_flag_fr but nothing changed anywhere, either for the flags or in the profile and registration.

What does I have to use to translate them in order to have the flag descriptions translated in my own language?

Also, on thing I don't understand. Here on your site when I switch from English to French the descriptions in usercp are translated in French! (although they are not sorted out correctly alphabetically anymore). Did you translate them or it's done by Google? Because, on my side they are not translated when I switch from one language to another one.

29-11-09, 16:00
You have right. Sorry for disinformation. Translations are made by Google when page is translated. In our case it is done because we send it in English and we are telling that it is in English. In your case it doesn't work, because you tell Google that it is in French and it isn't.

I accept it as change request to support languages names in other languages for flags.

Once again sorry for confusion and thanks for your time :)

29-11-09, 17:50
Thanks vBET. Really appreciated. :)

25-12-09, 17:13
Done - will be included in 3.3.0

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