View Full Version : Any date for 3.3.0?

27-11-09, 18:56
I saw you skipped releasing version 3.2.3 so what about 3.3.0? Will we see it soon?

29-11-09, 00:44
Yes 3.2.3 was skipped to 3.3.0 because we made changes in cache.

In 3.3.0 cache system will be brand new - faster. For each language will be created separate cache tables. Thanks that each cache table will have less data, one column less (with language code) and smaller indexes. Thanks that not only inserting and deleting will be faster, but what most important getting data from the cache too.

Also we made improvement for first time translated page generation. At this moment when data are in cache then are taken with related data, so only few queries takes all necessary translations. But when translations are not in cache yet, then lot of queries comes to mysql (for each translation vBET is trying to find it in cache first). We found this bottleneck and made better solution :) In vBET 3.3.0 you can configure after how many failed cache getting vBET should leave cache and take rest translations from Google. Thanks that first page generation (and those after cache clearings) will make only few queries (you will decide how many) and then find out that there is no sense to ask more, because it will be not found in cache, so will skip it and go directly to Google.

Also we want to make another potential cache update but this is still in consideration.

Because of such many changes we want to be sure that everything is OK and run it for while on real forums. Unfortunately we have temporary issues with our hosting provider, who made some changes on our forum sewers. This change made server load problems and that holds 3.3.0 release. We must be sure that it is only provider fault and it is not also connected wit any of our changes. So when this server issue will be clarified we will be ready for 3.3.0 release.

Also we still have some feature requests which are considered to be included in 3.3.0.

Please note that 3.3.x is last step before we will start working on vBET 4.0 which will be integrated with vBulletin 4.0. We will do this also for free version 2.3 (will have 2.4 release). So we will handle 4 product lines simultaneously. That is why we want to make everything perfect in 2.3 and 3.x versions.

25-12-09, 08:13
i am skipping upgrade to 4.0 just because of VBET , hope you will release one for vb4 soon :)

04-01-10, 06:17
still waiting for vb4 compatible version :(

04-01-10, 15:09
^^^^^ I also

04-01-10, 17:52
Ok. We will do our best to make vBET 4.0 for vB4 faster. Still first we will release 3.3.0 after that we will made free version for vB4 - then using experience and tested solutions we will made vBET 4.0.

05-01-10, 00:58
How long this will last about?

05-01-10, 02:14
We made many changes in 3.3.0 and we still have some feature requests to implement. We hope that 3.3.0 will be released till end of this month.

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