View Full Version : Solved Vbet Main problem ...

26-11-09, 02:22
hello just bought vbet and install it and started having problems ...
forum index shows a white page , i cant enter my admincp to disable the plugin so i had to edit config.php in order to disable plugin system ...now im forum is back on evrything working but in admincp>options>vbet main i onbly see a row with (vBET 3.0.0 and higher is NOT a free software. To have right to use it you have to buy license and set your license key here.)

26-11-09, 04:25
About forum going down:

About seeing only row with license key - you cannot block outgoing requests to 3rd parties.

26-11-09, 12:30
About seeing only row with license key ... ? so what's the solution

And i curl extension installed (double checked) follow installation instruction step by step ... what did i do wrong ?:(

26-11-09, 16:50
1. CURL is not working correctly
2. Firewall or something else is not allowing to send CURL requests to other servers - note that you need this, otherwise how you want to get translations from Google?

26-11-09, 21:05
nvm ... i figure it out ! thank you for the help anyway

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