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25-11-09, 20:00

There is only one alignment problem on forum home.

Arabic must be right to left
English left to right

The same problem is here also


You can check attached image to see what i mean.

If there is no fix now, so can you tel me from which template i can edit it?

Then i can do something like this ( because my forum Default is right to left )

<if condition="$_GET['language']">
Left to right template code
<else />
Right to left template code

Thank you

25-11-09, 20:35
Sorry but I do not understand the issue. vBET is able to change the order - it is configurable. And under the link you gave the as I see order is changed.

I'm sure that you know what you are writing about - for you right to left order is natural. For me it looks like right to left order - please describe in details what under the link which you gave is not right.

25-11-09, 22:39
All details on forum home must be right to left for (arabic language) when it is left to right now on vBET.


Also on my forum i got the same problem check it here please

forum home must be left to right for (English language) when it is right to left now

http://www.damasgate.com/vb/en/Thank you

26-11-09, 16:44
Sorry - you just gave me same info :)

Please tell specifically what is not on place. As I already wrote to you I'm looking there and I see that order is changed - columns are on the other side, logo also - it looks like right to left for me. So writing another time same thing will not work...

Please be specific. Please show me what I'm not able to see now :)

27-11-09, 02:40
columns are on the other side, logo also - it looks like right to lef,

Yes you are right about columns.


I am sorry my english is not good

Thank you

27-11-09, 05:13
Oh - that is it about :) Great thanks we will work at this :)

16-12-09, 02:49
OK - changes made :) It will be released in 3.3.0 and now you can see it here. Hope you will be really happy, because right now we also change direction appropriately in translated and original block. So if someone will write in Arabic and I will see it in English, then looking on original text it will be right to left. Also when you will see in Arabic something what was written here in other language than English, then looking to source original text will be in its own order :) And even when you will look in Arabic then arrow between flags will be reversed :D

See here:
This is the text written in Polish, and should always be on the left side when viewing the original. At the same time as it translate in Arabic or another language from the reverse order, the translation will be reversed, but the original remains from left to right:)

22-12-09, 16:57
That's it, great work.

Now its realy %100 professional work.

Is it NOT fixed on vBET236, is it on your to do list?
Thank you

23-12-09, 13:40
Right now our priority is vBET 3.3.0 after that we will put our attention in other areas :)

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