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22-03-11, 09:05
I'm getting this when viewing my forum as a guest and when a member logs out and tries to navigate the forum as a guest:
Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
File: /home/xxxx/public_html/forum/includes/class_core.php
Line: 5403

Also, the notification for guests that they are not permitted to view certain parts of the forum is screwed up and unreadable.

Vbet is causing the problem because it is not there when Vbet is disabled... I'd appreciate a quick look at this because I have had to disable Vbet.

22-03-11, 09:21
I disable guest cache (vBET is enabled now so this option provide this issue)
are you sure that you have all vbet_cache folders with 777 permisions?

Are you sure that you have all configuration in php.ini file? (after your changes)

22-03-11, 09:27
Hi Kamil,

Many thanks for looking at this so quickly. Actually my host amended php.ini. I changed the php.ini which I had in public_html but it had no effect because it was being overruled by the php.ini at /usr/local/lib/php.ini. Just checking permissions on the folders now...

22-03-11, 09:33
Just checked the guest cache folders and there is a discrepancy. The following cache folders are set to 777:

pl, ja, it, fr, en.

Actually though I have the following languages in use:

pl, ja, it, fr, en, no, nl, es, ru, de.

I haven't set or changed any permissions manually. Are they set automatically by Vbet?

19-04-11, 08:19
can you confirm that this issue is still there?

21-04-11, 22:44
Yep. Still there.

Something else I forgot to mention before: when I have the guest cache on it appends 'function.filetime' to loads of urls. I can see that lots of these were picked up by google and are now obviously being reported as 404

22-04-11, 17:17
I have a solution for you to delete filemtime() issue:
yous use this solution:

about the cookies issue - still looking for good solution.

03-05-11, 16:48
about this cookies issue - I need to find a good display order for hook with code responsible for this header.

02-06-11, 22:12
Hi. Kamil is on vacation and I took his cases. Please tell was it solved? I have no such info here, but maybe it was solved by PM so please confirm.

09-06-11, 18:44
No answer - considered solved. If not please write here and we will reopen the issue.

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