View Full Version : Solved Big problem.

22-03-11, 02:40
I don't know how to explain this. Please check here:

Requests in general (http://creativx.net/forums/requests-general/)

Scroll down, you will see where it is broken. Check the thread:

"Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate">

Open it, it is completely messed up.

22-03-11, 11:44
Maybe somebody made a too long title in his thread and the end of title was cutted?
Can you paste here a example of this title? and I will reproduce it on my test forum.

24-03-11, 04:49
I cannot even go into that thread. And clicking on it gives me some link with Thai language in. But when I copy the link to add here, I get this:


I removed the 'h' in 'http' otherwise it breaks my post here too.

24-03-11, 08:57
ok I will try to analize it and find what cause this issue.

27-03-11, 10:53
Is there any fix for this please? It has been days.

27-03-11, 16:20
I made a test thread on my test forum with very long title and the title was cut and opaqued in good langtitle tag. So i still can't reproduce it on my test forum.

I think that in this post the end tag of langtitle

was cut.

Please if you can - find this thread in your database and give me more information and also - check this langtitle tag
(and opaque in the right one).

if it happened many times?

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