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15-03-11, 14:37
I recently installed the vBulletin API on my 3.8 board to use the mobile applications. I didn't realize at first, but it makes vBET (3.4) not function at all. Specifically nothing is translated and the flag links become incorrect when viewing another translation page.

What can I do?

15-03-11, 14:46

Can you give me an url to this vB API?
Did you change some in your .htaccess file?
Is this API use hook system?

Maybe we need to make an integration with this API.

Hmm now on your site stranslation is working. Did you disable this API?

15-03-11, 14:47
Okay - I found that the plugin "API's print_output" in global_complete is causing the problem. I changed the execution order to 1001 and that fixed the problem.

15-03-11, 14:49
Thanks for your answer - solved :)

15-03-11, 15:06
Actually there is another problem with the URL's - the links on the translated pages to other translations have "vbet_flag-" in the title. I suspect another plugin is interfering with the URL's.

15-03-11, 15:09
Found it - "API Session Process" under global_start - change execution order to 6.

15-03-11, 18:34
Thanks again!

24-03-11, 16:46
I still have one issue - threads are not being translated when a user posts a message.

What hook is responsible for for doing this? (I probably just have to change the order)

24-03-11, 20:26
hmm I not understand it correclty. When you would like to translate thread the translation is not working?

we translate in global_complete hook

please give me url to example.

25-03-11, 15:48
Here's an example of this happening: ¿Trips in car - GPS mobile phone guides of shopping? (http://cellphoneforums.net/general-cell-phone-forum/t325454-191%3Bviajes-in-car-gps-tel-233%3Bfono-cellular-gu-237%3B-of-shopping.html)[ lang = Is ] tag was not put around the message when the user posted it.

07-04-11, 22:22
still having an issue with this - anyone?

22-04-11, 16:31
I would really appreciate a response to this

22-04-11, 17:06
hello, I need to ask MichaƂ about this issue because I have no ideas yet.

11-05-11, 23:05
any ideas yet?

12-05-11, 20:07

Please make a very long post on the foreign language and check that it still not work (translation).

url from your post is not working now, so I can check it now again.
Google may not always detected the language for the very short message (maybe misspelling) so you need to check that your message is between [lang= tags. (this tags are adding in newpost_process hook)

so, try to test it for long message in foreign language.

12-05-11, 20:13
here is To new thread that is not being translated: tone of call (http://cellphoneforums.net/**/t327487-tono-de-llamada.html)

12-05-11, 20:15
h t c is being filtered by this board - the full url is
http://cellphoneforums.net/h t c/t327487-tono-de-llamada.html (without spaces)

12-05-11, 20:23
please answer me - whitch option you have setted in admincp->vBET->google->Google Language Detection.

write here a Google Language Detection Confidence value

12-05-11, 21:16
This is set to "Always trust user"

I'm pretty sure that this is not the issue, however - it has directly to do with the execution order of the vbulletin API plugin which is used for the new mobile applications interfering with the plugin that inserts lang tags into a post.

12-05-11, 22:18
Always trust user This option is based on the settings of the user who is typing a message. So google can recognize the message language by user settings. If user have his language not set - google can't translate it.
If user will make a message in language other that in his admincp - google still can't translate it.
This option is for Optimizations and if this option is enabled - language tags will not be added.

Please go to your admincp->vBET->google and
1. set Google Language Detection to Trust Google when result is trust worthy
2. set Google Language Detection Confidence to 0.1
3. test it! (make a new message)
Should works good.
IMPORTANT - you need to pack old posts in lang tags by hand.

12-05-11, 23:15
I'm not sure you're understanding what I'm saying - these users have their language set. I'm very sure of it.

13-05-11, 16:24
Please test it. if still not good - We will find another solution

26-05-15, 02:35
Here's an example of this happening: ¿Trips in car - GPS mobile phone guides of shopping? (http://cellphoneforums.net/general-cell-phone-forum/t325454-191%3Bviajes-in-car-gps-tel-233%3Bfono-cellular-gu-237%3B-of-shopping.html)[ lang = Is ] tag was not put around the message when the user posted it.

I visited your site and didn't see where I could select translations. How did you resolve this? There are plenty of situations where people need to select languages...such as when they utilize someone else's computer, etc...

Marcin Kalak
26-05-15, 11:57
On this page, flags are placed at the bottom of page.

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