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13-03-11, 18:15
I'm getting \u200b\u200b in my random questions for guests completing the registration process. I googled it and it would seem I'm not alone. All sites I clicked on in the results are using Vbet. Any ideas what is causing this \u200b\u200b thing?

14-03-11, 09:22
I think that this is a vBET bug, so I need to try it on my test forum.
Can you explain what I should do to reproduce it on my test forum? (please - step by step).

You can also give me and url to your site with example.
Thanks. If it will be a bug, I will move it into bug section and try to solve on my test forum.

14-03-11, 09:30

I have only seen it happen on the registration page so to repeat it you just need to hit 'register' in my guest message you'll see it next to 'random question'.


14-03-11, 09:42
I made a test account (test_user - you can delete it) and I didn't notice this issue. Maybe I can make this random message on my test forum? How to do that?

14-03-11, 09:59
It seems to be happening in German only. My apologies, I should of course have pointed that out. Here is an example:

Zufällige Frage: In welchem \u200b\u200bJahr haben dem Zweiten Weltkrieg 2 beginnen? (Deutschland Angriffe Polen)?

14-03-11, 10:06
ok but I would like to prepare the same message after registration on my testo forum - how I can do that? where in admincp I can do that? all informations will be needed. Thanks

14-03-11, 10:34
Rather than wasting your time I will learn to pose questions in such a way that all information is there at the beginning. Sorry :) I am using Vsa - Advanced Registration (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=236117) to set the random questions.

14-03-11, 10:40
ok, so I will install this mod on my test forum and test it. Probably we need to make a integration with this mod.

14-03-11, 10:56
Okay. Sounds good.

15-03-11, 11:30
still working on it :)

16-03-11, 09:58
ok I can reproduce it on my test forum even this mod is disabled (in another part of forum) so this is a vBET bug. I will move this thread into bug reporting section and solve it!

16-03-11, 10:19
Okay. Thanks.

16-03-11, 14:15
Just so you know,

It is also happening in the French language.

You can check it out here (check the price at the end):

150 $ PRODUCTION AUSTIN OBO (http://kokoku.ca/forums/showthread.php?t=456&language=fr)

It translates "Asking price" to "Prix \u200b\u200bde vente". It should be "Prix de vente".

30-03-11, 23:29
I can solve it! Already DONE on your server

1. open, edit and make a copy of this file:
forum root/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php
2. in this file find:

$result =& str_replace('\u003d', '=', str_replace ('\u0026', '&', $result));

3. and replace with:

$result =& str_replace(array('\u003d','\u0026', '\u200b'), array('=', '&', ' '), $result);
4. save and test it.

Will be included in the next relase!

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