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10-03-11, 18:12
Hi, I had installed last year for a short period vBET2.4, but have now uninstalled it again. Even after the many months I get displayed on the Google webmaster tool still crawl over 1000 errors. All the parameters? Language = XX I probably have not uninstalled the product correctly. What can I do to stop these errors? I must say that I have in use vBSEO. Regards

11-03-11, 10:44
hmm google have your pages indexed with language= parameter.
Maybe you should rebuild your sitemap (with good urls)

11-03-11, 17:04
Why Google does not realize that the left are no longer available and takes them from the index? I have installed the vBSEO Sitemap Generator ... which should create the sitemap every day but with the right new links? Regards

16-06-11, 08:58
Kamil is on vacation right now and I do not know did he solved the issue (by PM or email). Please tell do you still need any help :)

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