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25-02-11, 21:04
All these food stories are brillant but I need facts to make a decisions, so if anyone could help me by providing the following

VB Version:
VBSEO?: Version number/date of install:
VBET Version/date of install:

And the following graphs from google services...
Index pages graph before and after (webmaster)
Site speed graph before and after (webmaster)
Search Engine hits before and after (analytics)
Bounce rate before and after (analytics)
Hits from native contry before and after (analytics)

I know it's a big ask... but i reckon only with all this information I could make a proper informed decision aout buying this product...

26-02-11, 12:30
Hello. Unfortunately we do not have such data - this forum has vBET installed from the very beginning so there was no any "before". Some information are attached by our users in this sub forum: vBET Good Stories - vBulletin Enterprise Translator (vBET) (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-good-stories/)

Also some of our clients allowed to include their forum links which you can find here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/links.php so you can check in Google how many translated pages are indexed for some specific site and language.

If you guide us how to get this from Google Analytics, we can provide you percentage results of entrance to our forum by translated pages.

26-02-11, 16:41
I'd be happy to do a fully featured case study on my site using the free version (part of my day job is to provide analytical documentation, so it would be easy to do/understand).... Then if that works I'd buy the Pro Version....

But can I remove the branding and any outlinks it creates whilst I am doing it? As these would have a impact on the results

This is the only thing thats putting me off giving it a go

27-02-11, 21:32
If you want to removing credit link in free version it is enough if you send any donation (see details on free version page). Please paid version has more features (like URL translation) and it is much more optimized (in next release we will support also memory cache by most used implementations). So if you will like free version, then paid one will definitively e something what you like :)

Beside credit link there is nothing else, so I think you can run for it :) If you have any future questions please just ask - we will gladly help you :)

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