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23-02-11, 21:46

Is it possible to automatic translate imported RSS feeds to a certain langauge?

Only the RSS post and not the rest of the forum/categories.

Thanks in advance.

24-02-11, 00:20
You can test it here on our forum: vBulletinによってエンタープライズトランスレータ(vBET) (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/ja/external.php?type=RSS)
or vBulletinによってエンタープライズトランスレータ(vBET) (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/ja/external.php)

24-02-11, 12:36
You can test it here on our forum: vBulletinによってエンタープライズトランスレータ(vBET)[/url]
or vBulletinによってエンタープライズトランスレータ(vBET)[/url]


Thanks for the reply.

I mean is possible to import RSS from fx news sites in english and automatically post the RSS post on my forum in another fixed language?

24-02-11, 14:01
No. It is not possible to translate imported RSS. At this moment vBET suipports translation of RSS channels produced by forum where vBET is isnstalled. If you import RSS channel from oher service and it is in other language it will not be translated. If it is in same language as your forum then vBET will simply translate it just like rest of page content (if it is part of the page, not in some iframe). But if it is in other language then translation will fail. We already have on out TODO list to support translation of imported RSS, still there is no date set when it will be supported.

24-02-11, 17:24
That's too bad, would be a nice feature.

Thanks for reply and hope it's coming soon.

25-02-11, 08:46
You can propose it in Feature Request part of our forum

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