View Full Version : Solved More bugs! Wrong URLs indexed by goodle - Very BAD!

14-02-11, 15:59
Now I know why i removed vbet before, so many bugs!

Google is indexing weird URLs, vbet_delayxx when clicked they goto the correct URL.



14-02-11, 19:07
Dear Snake ,
delay is an array. In this array are stored links , and it show for examle delay7x-19959 that means that 7x is the number of array and 19959 number for thread that is indexed.
It's done because , then is send 1 task to google so it's for performance .
Indexes are changed after good translating.
You have a error connection with google so they aren't translated. So it didn't rewrite this delays(arrays), because it was empty.

Please clear cache , do new sitemap , because your links are old and google should reindex them. Redirections are good so google should reindex it.

If you have any more questions , write here .

14-02-11, 20:48
Why clear cache, if the delayxx urls redirect to the correct urls?

The issue is it is a 302 redirect, not a 301, so google will NEVER drop these delayxx urls from the index.

14-02-11, 23:06
sometimes clearing cache gives anwser .
i will checked it and write here when i got anwser

15-02-11, 13:17

I will assist with this thread :) I will learn more about your issue today evening and give you more response. At this momsnt I can tell that it is definitivelly vBET bug. It shouldn't happen. I do not know why Google is indexing it - we have 301 redirect so such thing shouldn't exist. Still of course at first such links shouldn't come to output.

As I wrote - I will give you more info later and we will take care about it.

15-02-11, 13:33
I sugest you re check these delayxx urls, they are 302 redirects!

15-02-11, 17:41
So this is the reason why those links are even indexed. Great hint. We will also check does such redirect is made by vBSEO or by vBET and if by vBSEO is it configurable (or can be changed by our integration code). This is to solve issue with already indexed pages.

Still of course we need to find why vBET even generated such links in final html response.

15-02-11, 17:44
ok, look forward to the fix. thanks

15-02-11, 18:31
I just gave very specific tasks about what and how to check to Youngster.

Also it would be very helpful if you could tell where such links was generated? At this moment if those pages are indexed and redirect is 302 we cannot be even sure does generation bug still exists in vBET, or it is just old bug which doesn't happen anymore but you have already indexed pages. So please tell do you see any page where such URLs are visible in your browser under links. Please check some of your threads, forums, archive, RSS maybe. Please tell do you have any mods which where specially integrated with vBET - maybe there is the issue. Youngster will check it on your forum also (if it will not be restricted), still you know your forum well and maybe you know or suspect where such URLs are generated.

15-02-11, 19:31
Im not sure what i can do, you can see google indexing the bug here: site:www.computer-juice.com - Google Search (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=site%3Awww.computer-juice.com&btnG=Search#q=site:www.computer-juice.com/forums/da/&hl=en&safe=off&prmd=ivns&ei=C8ZaTZj_EIKyhAeu5PjYDQ&start=10&sa=N&fp=aea6c2f78256e21c)

View the cache to see the page code!

Also it is a 302 redirect to proper URL, it must be 301, but better fix would be to not index bad URLs alltogether.

15-02-11, 20:35
Dear Snake ,

Could You active vBET i will check it. Write here or pm to me when you will active vBET and active flags.

15-02-11, 20:54
It is active, flags only show for guests in the footer

Travel Fans (http://www.travel-fans.com)

15-02-11, 21:29
please active them for all ok ?

15-02-11, 21:31
I dont want them active for all. What difference does it make to you? Just logout.

15-02-11, 21:37
ok i'm checking it
hold on

16-02-11, 22:55
Dear Snake ,
I didn't found any wrong URL , if you find it , give us url to it.
I will then why did You have 302 redirection

16-02-11, 22:59
You didnt find them? LOL.

Here they are, again!


16-02-11, 23:07
Dear Snake ,
you're giving me exacly the same problem but look into :
site:www.computer-juice.com - Google Search (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=site%3Awww.computer-juice.com&btnG=Search#q=site:www.computer-juice.com/forums/da/&hl=en&safe=off&prmd=ivns&ei=XUpcTYn0HJDpOcDlpdgL&start=110&sa=N&bav=on.1,or.&fp=b5fc6a07c812d0bf)
I searched some and i didn't found any problem with URL (vbet_delay) .

16-02-11, 23:16
wroted pm to You. Waiting for anwser and then i will check it all.

21-02-11, 12:04
I will check this 302 redirect in vB and vBET code. Do you have a vBET enabled on your site? If not, please enable it:)

22-02-11, 12:36
I found that vB use in his function 302 redirect. In function
exec_header_redirect( you have a
302 redirect and vBET use it in few places.

in vB4 it is easy to fix because we can use this vB function (exec_header_redirect) with 301 parameter but in vB3 not :(
I will try to find where this issue is.

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